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A Thief in the Night


Lord Fill Me with your Sweet Light

For I am Just a desperate Thief in the Night.

I long to soar to heavens door

Where the angels whisper at God’s Shore


I faintly hear the Song they Sing

This  Song of all the Love they bring.

And Something in my heart takes Flight

As I follow the angels through the night.


Let me be there and listen to the Words

Of a message filled with some timeless cure.

Can I steal these words from you?

Sweet echoes ring through my soul As proof.


Take the chalice of burdons I bear,

And Pour them into the River there.

Let Me Hide in a silent Cloak,

And open my heart in the secrets you’ve shown.

It seems the angels are blessed to be

Able to hear Love eternally.


There is a song of God’s great Love

That always keeps on beckoning me,

Am I worthy to really hear it,

Will the guardians let me share it.

my wayward heart the angels know

For I can’t hide what’s in my soul.


Lord fill me with your sweet light

For sometimes I am just a thief in the night

Begging for God’s greatest love

Trying to steal the Secrets from Above.


Would you have just given them to me?

Would my love for you have been the Key?

All those great treasures of Heaven I’ve Seen

Could I be worthy to have them for Free?

What is the Price to be able to bring

This gift here to earth of your great blessings.







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