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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

This Faith Even in the darkest night

There is a flickering of the Soul’s Light.

For I believe there is watch kept,

Even on all sleeping souls.

Or Are we tossed like dice,

Across the Universe To play out our roles.

Is there a greater game,

And does God then use us in his Name?

But what of those Angels

Who keep an eye out for me?

And what of the Guardians at the gate

Who see so deep? What of all the servants of the Lord,

Who wait and stay, til the last of the Pilgrims have made their way.

I reach out in my blindness for a Guiding Hand.

And somehow I know There’s a soul who understands.

Have been that remains but the Space,

That still burns in God’s name.

So we play this Game As God’s fools will do,

And we wait out our time here Til we come home to you.

And still through the darkness The sweetest Song is heard.

Some pure Calling to that Eternal Light 

And the source that is near.

Is this the Faith that you’ve given to me?To hold on to your Love
And it’s deep memory.

For I am unwavering in my Heart it is true. Dear Lord I always Am here to serve you.

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