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Yes, it has finally happened! I've been teasing about writing a book and getting it published for, oh, months and years now. Turns out I'm not all talk -

Yesterday afternoon I surrendered all "control" and accepted that I was "done".

This morning, after the radio show about empowerment, I dove in for the last lap on a project that has been in progress for three years. I was able to dive in because the universe made room for this to be finished. How do I know that?

Consider this - I'm used to working at a clinic four days a week, including Mondays and Wednesdays. This Monday, however, my schedule was empty (not worrying not worrying not - used that day to work on designing the cover and back cover write ups). Today, Wednesday - usually another really busy one - I only have one client booked. There were two clients booked before I did the radio show this morning. Just after the show I had the feeling it was time to finish the darn I called into work to verify my schedule and it turned out the earlier of the two "just now cancelled!" Again, not worrying not worrying not - as I calmed down, the message came through loud and clear:

Just get it done and get it done NOW.

So...moments before my usual shift would have started, I am here typing an invitation to you to help me celebrate because...drumroll...

My first book, Break/Through: Healing Obesity, Debt and Depression - One Chakra at... is now available for purchase! It is available in print or ebook version.


I offer you gratitude for supporting me - whether in person, by email, or in spirit. I could feel it all along the way (three years in gestation!) and it helped get me through.

And now it is time to step away from the computer for awhile and allow it to fly.

In Lak'ech (Mayan for "I am another yourself"),


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Comment by Peace Portal on March 4, 2009 at 3:01pm
Congratulations Katie,
You're the best, I look forward to the book.
You're a true Architect of a New Dawn, and a incredible healer - she made my son miraculously better the other day; my wife and I are grateful.
Bless You!


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