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I've listened to the music of this man since I was about 12 years old.  I'm 52 now and it still sounds good.  This is the first man to put spoken word to music and some beat like no one has done since.  He was truly a poet and a conscious one at that.  It seems to me that the "Revolution Will Not be Televised" would have been more appropriate today with some update lyrics to match the political times.  My brother and I had visions of contacting him one day and doing a new version of the song and another titled "The Revolution Will Not Be".  I've attached a couple of videos for your listening and visual pleasure.  I think it may be a revolution in consciousness; not all out revolt.  The governments of this world have got to start BEING FOR THE PEOPLE AGAIN!!!  To any rappers or MCs out there, without this man their would be no Hip-Hop or Rap.  Gil had his hard times, of this there is no doubt.  Don't we all though.  He had a message and he shared it in a very unique and enlightening way.  One of the good one's is gone and has crossed over to the ultimate existence.  He just released an album and it's a shame he won't be able to tour now.  Peace and blessings, KTP






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