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I think one of the major reasons people are unwilling to accept the oneness concept, is due to the foundation of explanation. I mean this to say that when we want to understand a concept, we look for a physical explanation instead of just feeling it. Often times when one tries to explain the concept of oneness to others, it's logic or foundation is found in science (i.e. quantum physics, science, the Mandelbrot set or fractal, etc...). Because of the way in which we've been indoctrinated over time, we have a difficult time accepting the relationship that science and spirituality have to each other if you will. Many of us dismiss the undeniable concept just based on the fact that we cannot accept such a profound change in our thinking. We are unwilling even to consider the possibility. There was a time that I thought all of this energy, oneness, vibration, was all just a bunch of hooey. Final point. The ones of us who have accepted this beautiful concept cannot make others who have not understand just by explaining it. The better thing we can do is live, think, and believe in the peace, love, and oneness that is in us all. If the quantum thing is true (and I believe that it is) than we can accomplish the mass awakening we so desire by believing it can and will happen. Act in love and peace, and it can only spread. The only way world peace and unconditional love can occur is if it occurs in each of us individually. I welcome all comments even if they are 180 degrees opposite of my opinion. Peace

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