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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Today is one of my days off from work---
And my plan was to try to sleep a bit late.
That plan was rudely interrupted by the sounds of pressure cleaning---
Combined with lawn mowers---
With a dash of the drone of leaf blowers---
And the loud conversations that were taking place in a foreign language right outside my terrace---
Thrown in for good measure...

At 8am.

I knew it might not be in the stars---for me to get just a wee bit more sleep---so I reached out for help.
As I hid my head under the covers, after changing the setting on the fan so that it would make more noise to drown out the cacophony of sounds greeting me---
I began to call upon my Angels, my Guides, a few random Spirits---

I beseeched them, under my breath, "Please, please, please! Make them stop the noise! In Moses's name!"


I tried re-wording it--realizing that I had forgotten to properly invoke them all---

"Hey Angels!"
"Good morning, Guides!"
"Hi Daddy, I know YOU'RE up---wherever you are!"
"It's me, AkashicWreckage---trying to reach out for your help today! You remember me, don't you?"


I began to beg, "Is anyone here?"

Silence----well---except for the jarring noises that seemed to surround my reality inside the cocoon of my covers.


"Jesus Christ already, someone answer me!" I demanded---in misery.

As I lay there, wondering what the next step might be---it dawned on me that I should maybe try to access the Ascended Masters.
It's not like I ask them constantly for help---I usually save them for the big stuff.

So, I pulled out my aces in the hole---
I began to try to remember some of the names of Ascended Masters.
I knew Jesus might be a bit busy---so much shi(ft) going on all over the place these days---didn't want to distract him from his work.
Mother Mary? Nah---she would be too nice and I needed someone who would go toe-to-toe with the idiots disturbing my life at the moment.

Bring on Buddah?
It was worth a try---I tried to clear my mind, and still my thoughts to see if I could bring him in----
Buddah's brilliant message to me was---"Meditate."
His input was "Akashic---you must find some quiet place and meditate."
I thought about thanking him, but another part of me was furious---"Buddah, with all due respect---freaking get real---can you NOT hear what's going on here?"

I didn't even wait for an answer---I pushed him away.

Maybe Merlin?
I waited and tried to listen to my heart beats, rapid and raging at that time----
I felt something.
I heard him clearly say, "Your environment requires healing. Send loving, healing energy to your surroundings."
At this point, I was having a difficult time holding back my tongue---"Get lost." I said as calmly as humanly possible.

Racking my brain for other Ascended Masters, wondering if there was anyone among them who would take care of this for me---
I began to pull the covers off my head, the air was getting way too hot anyway----

Contact Quan Yin?
Sure, why not---I'm almost wide awake now anyway, maybe she will intercede for me.
I still my thoughts, and take myself back in time---
She had been with me, I later learned, during my chemotherapy---
The ONLY scent I could stand having around me immediately after my chemo treatments, was plumeria.
Years later, by pure happenstance, I learned that scent of plumeria blossoms-- is associated with Quan Yin.
Quan Yin is also associated with mercy.
Yeah----Mercy is what I need right now.

A momentary suspension of noise begins right at that instant!
I begin to hear something---
It's her!
I realize that maybe I've hit pay dirt!
I begin to hear her message...

"Akashic---how many times do we have to beat this into your thick skull?"

Jarred from my near joyful state, anticipating that relief was on its way with Quan Yin on the scene---
This was the last thing I expected.

"What the hell? Quan---I'm doing my best here, just spit it out already! What should I do? Or---more importantly, what can you do?"

Quan Yin sighed, "You're getting on our last nerves, Wreckage. Use your head---you must bring compassion and love to this. You must release this situation, please--we beg you!"
I interrupted her, losing any last vestiges of patience, "I don't know---"

She interrupted me back, tit for tat seemed to be the name of this game---
"Don't you think we've got better and far more important things to accomplish today? It may be morning where you are, but I can assure you that elsewhere in your world, it's late morning, and mid afternoon and even late afternoon."

Stunning developments.

Quan Yin continued, "Let this idiocy go---stop forcing this issue, release it to the Universe instead of making this all about you!"

With the scent of flowers trailing behind, she was gone.

I'm not too crazy about her anyway. She was supposed to be the gentle one----beyotch...

As I lay there, staring up at the ceiling, I realize that I've struck out.

Then Serapis Bey pops into my head.
Doggone it! I could say Serapis Bey all day long---I just love the way it rolls off my tongue.
Serapis Bey, Serapis Bey, please do me a favor and rescue this day!

Oh well, nothing.

So, I get up, go into the kitchen to plug in the coffee pot.
From the sleeper sofa in the living room, I hear the gentle snoring of Beach Buddy.
How does he do it?
Then I remembered that he has these ear plugs things he puts in.
And then, of course, he has his aviation grade ear muff/headset that he dons when the leaf blower idiocy is right outside the door---
Or, when I make too much noise in the kitchen~~~

Too late for me, the coffee is already going.

So, I go back into my bedroom to think about what to do now that I was up so early.
I checked email, played a few games of Solitaire and then Mahjong Titans on the computer.

As I'm sitting, propped up in bed playing a game, I suddenly begin to feel something---
A shift in the air around me.
From the corner of my right eye, I thought I saw something moving.
I turn my head and see nothing.
I go back to my game and then grew bored.
Began to read the news online and again---
I see, or sense, something moving.
I get up and open the blinds fully

With the persistent disturbances obscuring any measure of clarity that I might have hoped to have---
As I open the blinds, I see an amazingly awesome sight---
A large Ibis chose that precise moment to fly right towards the screen of my terrace.
Bracing for the impact I was certain to come---
And in my mind I'm thinking---"That thing is gonna crash right through the screen and into the glass door!"
I quickly open the door and move to the side, so it doesn't come crashing into me---
I see the Ibis hit the screen, but yet the screen was intact!

Holy crap...
I feel the air around me change instantly.
But I see nothing, absolutely nothing.
I look around the bedroom and back outside---
What was going on?

I walk over to the bed, and sit there---knowing that this was significant.
Something begins to niggle around in my head.
Why an Ibis?
What did this mean?
So, there I am, and before I could stop myself, I said out loud---
"Okay, who's here? Are you friend or foe?"

The outside noises have ceased.
So, I close my eyes.

"You have work to do!" He says to me.

I just have to say, "Jesus, Mary and Joseph! No, it's my day off, no work that I HAVE to do."

"Oh no, you don't get off that easily--- I have a message for you," he continued.

"Get the eff outta here, I don't know who you are, but this is my day off---too bad, soooo sad!" I replied.

"You know, you're always asking to be shown, or guided, by all of us. And, when we do try to guide you or give you messages---" this voice from nowhere loudly chastised me.
"You almost ignore us. You don't need to be an Einstein to figure this out."

"Figure what out? That what I need is rest? That--- is it too much to ask for a bit of extra sleep on my day off? That--- the last thing I need to experience is the kind of noise level that greeted me this morning?"

I could feel myself getting truly pissed off. My stomach was bothering me---my eyes were reacting, yet again, to something in the air---
And I've got some weird voice emanating from nowhere, basically telling me this nonsense.
I mean, what gives?

I get up, intending to intend this crap out of my reality.
I walk out onto the terrace and sit down, looking at the clouds and trying to relax.
And then---
I see---
An Ibis---flying parallel to the screen enclosure on my terrace.

"Okay," I tell myself, "If you see an Ibis one more time, the Power Animal Rule Book says that will be something to stand up and take notice of."

I continue to sit, looking at the clouds and watching the sky trying to break through the clouds.
My mind begins to wander---
I don't know how long I sat there with my mind totally somewhere else---
When I see an Ibis---
Maybe it was even the same one that's been crossing my path---
Flying across the street and it lands on a light pole about 30 feet away from me.

"That one doesn't count," I say to myself, "Too coincidental."

"What will it take?" I hear in my head, not really sure if that was me talking to me, or someone else.

"Make another one fly in and land right next to that one," I order the me in my head or whoever it was speaking to me, "Then maybe I'll believe this isn't random."

I wait a few minutes and nothing happens and the leaf blowers begin to blow right underneath my terrace.
Time to go inside.
I decide to take one last look over my shoulder as I open the sliding glass doors----and I look at the light pool with the solitary Ibis sitting there.
Beginning to step into the bedroom, one last time, I look at the Ibis and see another one fly over and land, about a foot from the first Ibis.

Oh fine.

I'm standing up in my bedroom, realizing that there is significance in all of this.

So, I quietly open my bedroom door, and Beach Buddy is still asleep.
I walk over to where my books and cards are, searching for something, not really sure what it was.
I see my Ascended Masters cards and grab the box, recalling that it had probably been at least a year since I'd last looked at them.
Walk back into my bedroom, close the door and sit on the side of my bed.
Taking out the cards, like an automatic reflex, I call upon Arch Angel Michael to clear the cards.
I shuffle the cards, enjoying the texture of the shiny cards in my hands.

One of the cards---
Falls out onto the floor---
Face down---
I reach down to pick it up---
And---Begin to feel my arm tingle as the card is in my hand---

I put the card on my thigh, still face down---
Knowing damn well that---
This will be what ties the whole miserable experience together---
I begin to turn it over---
And I see an Ibis headed person---
And---the message on the card is---

Sorry Jeanne---I had planned on writing the continuation of The Door---
And, in fact, had begun to do so---

But all this other crap distracted me!

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Comment by AkashicWreckage on August 8, 2009 at 6:20pm
Oh, I'd love to quit my day job! Move onto the beach somewhere---
Write, laugh---take a break----
Write and laugh some more...
Soon, I hope!
Luv ya Jeanne!
Comment by Jeanne on August 7, 2009 at 8:43pm
Talk about some distracting crap... made me forget what I came here for. So... this is what happens when you take a day off from work? Maybe you should quit your day job!
Comment by Jeanne on August 7, 2009 at 2:59pm
What door?


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