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Your Divine heritage

Come into a place where you can just be.

And Just believe,

And Just be Life

Unafraid, and in the full light of Who You are.


The Full Power of God’s Light and Love

Welcomes You into Being.

Let yourself Believe in your true self.

Be unlimited eternal Light,

Be a chalice to offer that Light to the World.


Be Love, allowing the unconditional Love

Of God to embrace the truth of your heart and soul



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Now is the time to get serious

Now is the time to get serious,

About what you came here for.

Now is the time to look into this,

And do what you can to help the Lord.


For we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

We all hold the key.

We have the power to change the world

And love can let this be.


Now is the time to believe again.

That the world can find a way,

Now is the time to get serious

Let’s all begin today.




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My Heart to sing

You, in all your Living Splendour,

You, you make my heart sing.

And if I feel not worthy

You come to touch my hand,

And if my heart is heavy

I hear your song and remember who I am.


And you, you make my heart sing.

The gift of just believing means everything.

And if I lose my way,

Along the long, long road,

You somehow are right there

And lead me to the fold.


And there is the hope



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A candle Burns in the darkness

There is a candle that burns in the darkness

A beacon that lights the way.

There is a lifeline that connects my very soul

To reach me as I travel the way.


And when I call I know you are there.

Fending off my minds despair.

There is a shudder of the angels wings

That  enfolds me and lifts my heart to sing.


There is a beacon that guides my journey on

A candle that burns to light the way along.

And when I am…


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Great redeemer

Great Redeemer,

Oh, one that holds the Light of God.

Let your Love fill my Heart and Soul.


So I may remember who I am.

So I my redeem my power to believe.

So I may be healed by the truth

That God gave you to hold.


The Gift of redemption is what you offer

And this I gladly receive.

I understand the Power of Who you are

And your unconditional Love for me.


Oh great redeemer,

Allow me…


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Let God's Music fill your heart

Let my Love’s Music touch your Heart

May the gifts of Spirit fill my soul

And rain their blessings down below

Let my Love’s Music take control

And Whisper of Blessings

The Master’s hold

May my souls music set me free

Let it come in waves of Ecstasy.

Let my loves music

Bless my soul


What have you given up

 to get where you are

What have you sacrificed

to reach the stars




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Are you a force for good?

Ask yourself, in all honesty

Am I a force for Good,

Am I bringing God’s Light and Love to the World


What could you do to be a force for Good?


For we must believe that the power of God’s Energy

Has the ability to bring us to a higher vibration and

That this energy can bring us to our true potential.


For if we would want God to work through us,

We need to be dealing in goodness.

And bringing in the same…


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God's got your back

God’s got your Back

And Christ has your Heart

And you are here just to live it


God’s got your back

Christ has the love

And you just need to give it.

There’s a whole world waiting

To fulfill a greater plan.


God’s got your back

Don’t worry or stress my friend

He’ll be there to guide you

On your way till the very end.


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The Heartbeat of God


Be Still and Listen

Do you hear the Heartbeat of God,



Be still and feel it

In your heart there’s a light of Love


Stop be still and let it

Fill your Body, Mind and know


This life of God’s great Presence

Is living in your soul.



Be still and Live it,

This living heartbeat of God,

It’s alive in every one of us,

And it is our bridge to heaven…


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Safe house

There is a Safe House

within your soul

A space where God’s presence

Can be known.


If your mind’s in a spin,

And you’re overwhelmed

If your getting off center

Just go within.


Go into that sacred space

Where your source does dwell

And renew the place

where love is found.


Be Still in the silence

And set the mind free

Dwell in this space

And let your truth just…


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The ease of Peace

Feel the Ease of Peace

Let the struggles go

All that you’ve been fighting for

has worn the weary soul.


Feel the ease of being in the moment

Let all the work of Life

Slip from your shoulders

And let it fall.


You are here in spirit

You are in this space.

Let the  light of presence

Heal you with it’s Grace.


Feel the Ease of Peace

Precious child of God

Let this peaceful…


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Believe in the power that you hold within You.

For if you do not believe in Yourself

You will not attract those who believe in you.

You will push away and reject those who would believe in you.


So believe in yourself and the life you inhabit.

Believe in the good within you.

This goodness is from God.


And as you believe in this goodness within

You will leave the door open for God’s Love within…


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This is your life

Hear beyond your voice,

Hear beyond the silence

Here from your heart and soul.

What do you Hear?


Receive from your self,

Beyond the movies of the mind,

Beyond the circus and the Performers.

Receive from the pure energy of God.


Ask for what it is you are to know.

Ask for help and discover what you need help with.

Hear your self speak and hear what comes back.

What do you add to an…


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