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Cindy paulos's Blog – February 2013 Archive (9)

Here, there and Back again

Entranced by the Mystery

Seduced by this strange magic’s Light,

Living for each Revelation

Of the sirens promise of the desires delight.

We are carried across the River of Life

For we have been here and done that dream,

And a distant shore that calls us

beyond this place with a vision of a promise to keep.

And we can soon discover truths

And we can travel to the dreamer dream,

And we can fly away so far,

On the back of Pegasus… Continue

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With each breath this life draws me close

To the invisible made visible to see.

Closer ever closer,

With the merging of the spirit that dwells in me.

And in the silence it seems oh so near,

And in the stillness I can almost let it be,

It is almost in my heart to hold

As the perimeters of my soul dissolve

God’s energy to set me free.

To be close. so close I almost can grasp it,

But this Beauty demands a respect that it… Continue

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A long breath of the Universe

What long Breath of the Universe

Resides in my heart and Feeds my soul,

What love does life gives and take here,

In tune with the Rhythm of the Cosmos

Can you feel what I feel,

Can you let the words just flow,

To Repeat the Scripted lines that Life gives me to play with ,

Or is it Just some trick of the ego

That needs to teach me some lesson

So I can release myself in my mind.

Can the mind not question the questions,

And the… Continue

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A place

A Place to Stop and Be

With the Force of the Power of a Breath

With the Heart of a great hunger just

find the Courage to Be!

And so achieve the dream beyond the doing,

To wake to the gifts of Creation

and the Wish Accepted and Given.

With a Place to stop and be!

Somewhere here there is a moment

A calling, tugging at us to Just

be still.

To commune, to listen, to hear, to receive

And to get it so it reaches us

and… Continue

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Whispers from the angels

What net from heaven could you reach

To Catch an Angels fall,

How could you heal the gossamer wings

That reach to protect you through it all.

Can you catch a spirit’s heart

Can you merge with the vision of beauty and embrace

a light that comes from heaven

and leaves without a trace.

And when you see a rainbow

Can you capture the heavenly rays

’that light the earth and let you glimpse

the beauty of God’s reflection and such Holy… Continue

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Valentines day

Valentin’s Day



You are the very Breath of my Life

You Hold and release the light of my soul.


You are the Song in my Heart

That sings to my Reason for being

And allows me with Grace to Grow.

Love ,

you are the Feast that celebrates my secret cravings,

and feeds the never ending Hunger that I know.

Come, Come Sweet Love,

Enter into the hidden depths of all that I am,

And so reveal yourself in me.

So… Continue

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Where love lives

Come, come

To the Place in your heart where Love lives,

For where there is Love

There is an opening to understanding

and sharing of the Essence of the greatest gift in life.

This gift is a blessing from the Creator,

and the Shining light that lifts us

and leads us out of our limitation.

this Love overcomes our fears

as it forgives and so gives us the power

to Give and so be forgiven.

It heals the hurt of time.

And allows us… Continue

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The Lifting of the Veil

Through the veils of time

A vision comes to the mind

 And through the flight of being

The perception still can shine


And if you look to the distance

As if you were trying to see the farthest star

And if you threw off the veils of time

So you could be in the place that waits from afar


And somehow the form allows

The spirit here to see

The legions of angels who grace

The place where the Lord’s throne…


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Precious is the Life force

Of all that is alive in the fields of time

Precious is the matter

That holds the awakening dream divine.


Precious is the Spirit

beyond the mind confines,

That weaves this energy of creation

In an infinite space and time.


The Spirit that lives in the breath we breathe

That gives life to this magic in the moment

we choose to give and…


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