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Peace be Still

Peace Be Still


When you feel yourself bombarded

By a million things to do,

When you find yourself distracted

And out of touch with what’s the true you,

Find the place inside you

And be anchored there and strong,

And let your soul enfold you

With just a few breaths you can right what’s wrong.


Peace Be still, I’m with you

Let all the worries slip away,

Peace Be still I’m with you,

Each and…


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at some point

At some Point


At some point you come face to face

With your true purpose.

And if your life has been spinning out of control

At some point

You stop spinning

And you reach the point of awakening

to find who you are,

What you have been doing,

And you remember what came here for.

At some point you Understand,

You get it and you are ready

To let that point lead you

To what the point of life…


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Spirits in the Material Form

Embrace the Spirit in material Form with Love,

Embrace the Love of the Material Form with Spirit.

Let the Form and Spirit Merge and be the Spirit in the Material form.

How does it feel to be that Spirit in form?

What would Spirit like for the temple of the Form.

What would form like from Spirit?

Listen and allow both to have a voice.

Love and allow yourself to understand and have compassion

For Spirit and form.

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It's time

It’s time to make a clear choice

This is the year that you can choose,

To be with the presence of Spirit

And align with your soul’s Purpose.


It’s time to release the Chains of illusion

For as hard as you’ve tried you have not found what

You were looking for or what brings happiness there.


Now is the time to be aligned

with the Light of the One

And truly serve the way.


Release the chains of the…


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A Brand New day

Shed the Layers of Darkness

And Step into the Light.

Heavens Blessings Bring a Brand new day

That is radiant and ever so bright.


Let go of all illusions

Let go of the broken dreams.

The truth of a new way beckons

And its more than it may seem.


For there is a Light that is a beacon

That the master holds,

Throughout the darkest night it shines

And when we reach it we will know.




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Merry Christmas message

Born of Woman with the Light Of God,

Born of Spirit Divine,

Born of the One pure Energy of Love,

To bring Heaven to earth for all humankind.


Seeing all, forgiving what’s been,

Accepting the Miracle that’s born Within.

If we believe, just believe it’s possible Now,

A Better way is bound to begin.


Now open your Hearts, Mind and Soul

To the power of God that lives evermore

The Christ born within on this…


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Christmas eve

Christmas Eve


From the hush of the Silent Night

When the Star from heaven

shone oh so bright.


When the World was so Weary

waiting for the True Light.

The Heart feels true hope,

And God heeds the Call,

The World in such Darkness,

Just prays for us all.


So many here ask

For some Peace on Earth,

So many Believe

in the Christ in us birth.


We Join together in…


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The Spirit of Christmas

Believe in the Spirit of Christmas

Believe in the Guiding Light of the Mystic Star

That leas you to the Birth of the Christ.

Let the Light of that Star lead you to the Christ

Born anew in your heart.

Feel the Love that waiting there in your heart of hearts

as an eternal Flame.

This love is more powerful than all the fear and darkness.

This Love holds the hope for the World,

And a healing for the ones who have been…


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What gift would you bring?

In the Darkest Night the Light is born again anew.

Where does the Light come to be rekindled in your life?

Is there a Christ child that is the light of Love within you?

What gift would you bring to the Christ Child

 Born Again in You?


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Your choice

Embrace your life.

Embrace the positive Qualities in People.

And call upon the Love that is you to extend to others.

Any negative battlegrounds will call ain others.

Love the good that is in you and in others.

Love the God at work in life.

Live the Love of God at work in Life.

As God does Love you

And works through you to further Humankind goodness.

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The Light of the World

I just came back from a trip to London and on a visit to St. Pauls' cathedral I saw the wonderful painting called "The Light of the World"

I thought I was knocking at the Door

To the Light of the World,

And that Christ would open the Door.

And there I would find the Light of God’s Love .

In my search for the door

I didn’t stop to hear Christ knocking at my door.

And Now I realize Christ was knocking at my door to my heart.

Waiting for…


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Christmas message

I've been on a long trip to London, paris and just got back home to Maui.

Feeling the oneness of the World!

All the World over, there are those

Who choose to work for the good of Humankind

There are the ones who Embrace the Light of God’s Love

And seek to aid those who are suffering.

All the World over there are those who pray

For the Light to come to those in darkness,

And they are the Beacons who Hold God’s Light.

The Angels of…


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Invite your guardian Angel to be with you

Invite your Guardian Angel to be with you


Take three deep Clearing breaths,

And go inside to your soul.

Invite your Guardian Angel to be Present with you.

Feel that Divine Presence and Feel that you are protected.

Feel and absorb the Love and Light that your Angel has for you.

Let yourself believe and accept the Blessings your Angel brings.

Release any worry, any fear, any tension…


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Go Within

Go Within

Take some time to stop, be still and go within.

Go to the inner place where the I am that I am dwells.

See yourself in a Golden room that Shimmers with Light.

Become one with that radiant Light,

Breathe it in, and let it refresh and renew and restore you.

Let that light shine like the Sun behind your heart.

Feel it amplify your hearts Love with the Love of God,

Dwell there in Your Soul

And Be Still and Know that You are One with the Light and…


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God is my Manager

God is my Manager


And Jesus smiled and Said,

God is my Manager.

Let God be your Manager, too.


May I be led by the Light of God’s guidance.

May I be inspired by the Love of the Lord,

And may my heart be open

to the unconditional Love of God

and so Accept the Love that I am.


May I be able to Live my Life



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Give yourself a Chance

A Chance


Take Some time, when you have it,

To give yourself a Chance to detach.

Detach from your everyday life and all the worry

And drama that you may have invested and bought into.


Give yourself a Chance to have a higher perspective,

As you would view the world from high in the Clouds

Looking down on all the passing dreams of People in the World…


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Go with God

Go with God


On this Journey I Go with God,

In Light and love I go.


I let God’s Blessings be with me and

Fill my Heart, Mind and Soul.

I let God’s Light and Love Fill me with Peace.

I am Centered and Calm and I Believe this is so.


 I ask God to Guide and protect me on this journey.

I breathe in the Presence of God and let God be in…


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