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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

So many of us sit relaxed here at our computers talking about the need for peace, our wants and dreams. This is not to condemn or criticize. This is simple the grace and blessing we have been given. But to watch something like this interview on Bill Moyers PBS show had a strong impact on me and made me ask, "how brave am I?"

PRAY THE DEVIL BACK TO HELL is a documentary based on these events

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Hi Candice,
you've got a nice topic for discussions... yap u can be ...God bless you
i hear you...
i cannot know what it is to be those women, and maybe it's for me and you to take what they have done by standing up in their honesty and core of their beings, and honor them by standing up in the center of the core of our own strong and beautiful beings...and honor ourselves by responding to what is there in front of us to be balanced or healed or spoken to or...

in light!
For years and generations people have debated the existence of the devil. Some say to believe in God we must believe in the Devil.? Some say that both God & the Devil are only projections of the good and evil side we all have.? And then there are all sorts of places between the two extremes.
I rather like the Native American interpretation of God as the Great Spirit. They really see evil as the distance we place between us and caring for the world God gave us.

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