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Looking for Authors - Alternative Health and Spirituality

I have an alternative health and spirituality site ( and we just did a major relaunch, so we're looking for new contributors. We can't pay you, but:

* You may promote your book, product, website or service in the bio section of your article or review

* When we receive review copies from publishers, we make them available free of charge to our regular contributors first

* We will occasionally send out small gifts to our most prolific authors

For details, go here: (or just go to the front page of our site)


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would you accept writings from other sites. internet is so huge I doubt we need original work on every site.
Yes we would. Submit away!
Hi there, Sandra,

Thank you for the invitation.

I write Inspirational Folklore.

Please visit:

And let me know it that what interests you.

Thank you.

Beresford McLean

I am the writer of:

21st Century Practical Spiritual Metaphysic Guide book for Atheist s & Agnostics

This is a guide book for the individual who has always shied away from all occult subjects, such as religion, magic, astrology, metaphysics, spiritual anything, and for the beginner into all of these subjects who wished to expedite his/her learning with the latest up to date information. It offers leads for the beginner interested in understanding the merger between science and the occult spiritual subjects, and a reference of where to get started in the search for the ultimate truth. This book also provides references of where to find up to date information, based on scientific evidence of what is going on with our planet earth, and what to expect in the coming years leading to December 21, 2012. This book provides scientific and practical ways of understanding the universe; TOOLS to help YOU LIVE life TO ITS FULLEST and with EXCELLENT HEALTH!!! You will also find information about the latest advancement into the reproduction of one of the oldest technology ever created for the well being of humans, “The long guarded secret of how did alchemist in the past got to live hundreds of years.”

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