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Nov 25
Shakti Meditation posted a video

Why Some Devotion is Necessary to Realize Enlightenment | The Miracle of Love

Why is a little devotion so important to realize enlightenment? This meditation video is probably not for beginners, but the Shakti transmission is very pure and powerful. May it make you blissful!
Nov 7
Shakti Meditation posted a video

Become "Pure Happiness" Through Mantra Meditation | Fastest Way to Experience Bliss

This is perhaps the easiest meditation technique and the fastest and most effective way to realize bliss in meditation. Practice this and you become “pure happiness” itself. Hope you enjoy it! ❤
Oct 28
Shakti Meditation posted a video

Powerful Zen Story on Realizing Nirvana | from a Live Satsang with Kip | "No Water No Moon"

Here's an ancient Zen story of how a Buddhist Nun attained Nirvana: It's from last week's satsang talking about how it is impossible for us to attain no-mind on our own but how it can happen through grace. Hope you enjoy…
Oct 25
Shakti Meditation posted a video

The Most Important Question for Spiritual Liberation | How to Be Free from Karma

What's the most important question to ask yourself on your spiritual journey? By asking yourself this question and living by your answer, your whole attitude to life changes. You stop creating more karma and move towards your own liberation. Hope…
Oct 15
Shakti Meditation posted a video

When You Forget Yourself There is Only Joy: How to Realize Pure Awareness in Meditation

Here's a simple technique to do at the start of your meditation to become free of your past: For when you become completely free of your past in meditation, you are freed into supreme bliss. This makes for a powerful meditation and transmission. May…
Oct 7
Shakti Meditation posted a video

How Bliss (Shakti) Frees You from All Suffering in Meditation | Kundalini Meditation

Why is bliss the most important factor to meditation and liberation? The beautiful thing about bliss is that it does not matter what mood you are in or what situation you are in. Bliss transcends all outer experience, frees you from suffering and…
Sep 30
Shakti Meditation posted a video

The Power Of Self Acceptance | Everything is One Infinite Drunken Bliss | Spiritual Awakening

This meditation video takes you into full self-acceptance, where you can realize the One Infinite Joy that is the essence of everything. Make sure to watch it on an empty stomach so you can go deep into the bliss being shared in this video. May it…
Sep 23
Shakti Meditation posted a video

The Experience of Bhava Samadhi & The 2 Biggest Obstacles to Enlightenment

I keep watching this meditation video over and over and hope you will feel the bliss in it too. It’s about the experience of Bhava Samadhi and the process of how to go into it. Hope you enjoy it ❤
Sep 18
Shakti Meditation posted a video

Kip Mazuy - I Am Free - Relaxation Music

"I Am Free" from the album "The Sweet Nectar of Silence" by Kip Mazuy. Please support Kip's music by ordering the music at his official website here: https:...
Sep 11
Shakti Meditation posted a video

No-Mind Demonstration & the 2 Steps to Realize it | Empty Mind Meditation | Pure Consciousness

In this video, I demonstrate to you the state of No-Mind and give you the 2 meditation practices to free yourself from all thought and enjoy the state of pure consciousness and bliss. May it make you feel blissful <3
Sep 2
Shakti Meditation posted a video

Meditation is The Process of Unknowing | The Power of Not Knowing

Everything you know about meditation is an obstacle to your meditation. Strip away everything you know and what is left is Samadhi, one Infinite Divine Joy. In this meditation video, I guide you beyond all knowledge into pure consciousness and…
Aug 30
Shakti Meditation posted a video

The Very Desire to Meditate Comes from Enlightenment | Enlightenment Experience -Meditation Benefits

The real benefits of meditation is the experience of enlightenment, the realization of spiritual enlightenment. And these benefits begin the moment you begin meditating.
Aug 21
Shakti Meditation posted a video

Liberating the Mind through Grace | A Taste of Mukti

I keep watching this video over and over because the Shakti Transmission in it is so blissful. I hope you feel it too when you watch it. There's also a story of how a Zen Master gave me a glimpse of liberation just by walking past me 25 years ago.…
Aug 16
Shakti Meditation posted a video

The Experience of Cosmic Consciousness from a Live Satsang | Pure Consciousness & Awareness

This is from a recent live satsang/meditation describing the experience of cosmic consciousness / nirvana, what is pure awareness and how to realize it. The video is from the stunning beach in the Cook Islands where I got to spend a few days…
Aug 7
Shakti Meditation posted a video

How to Silence The Mind in Meditation: Find Freedom from Thought & Realize the Bliss of "No-Mind"

Here are the 2 steps to realize No-Mind, the state of pure silence and bliss. Hope you enjoy it! <3
Aug 2

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Broken into Enlightenment

"If you live consciously,
there is tremendous grace in hardship.
We like to imagine that
enlightenment is just another gift we get.
But for enlightenment to happen, you must be torn apart.
The idea of who you are, what you know to be real,
it all gets torn…

Posted on June 6, 2017 at 11:27pm

Freedom to Be Yourself

"A lot of spiritual teachings thrown around are ‘shoulds.’

‘You should be kind.’ ‘You should be selfless.’

‘You should be positive.’

But we have been abused by these ‘shoulds’ our whole life.…


Posted on May 18, 2017 at 2:59am

We Realize Peace & Oneness through Allowing our Own Human-ness

"I spoke with my Dad today.  He has Alzheimer's 
and has to go into full time care
and he is upset.
Knowing my Dad is upset makes me upset.
I don’t want him to suffer.
In allowing my unhappiness and his unhappiness
the force of oneness takes…

Posted on February 14, 2017 at 5:05pm

To Come Back to Silence & Peace, Do This

"This moment is radiating out of silence;

out of peace.

No matter what is arising in this moment,

it is radiating out of silence.

When you are quiet enough

within yourself, you become aware of this silence.

You become drawn into it,

absorbed into it.

And eventually you will…


Posted on January 17, 2017 at 5:42pm

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