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At 5:40am on July 17, 2009, Melanie Worman said…
Two crone friends took the photo - they were trying to photograph orbs but none appeared. (I think it's a lousy photo but it's the only one I've got on computer.) One of the crones is married to Ron Tocknell and it was he who made the orb additions, which so tickled me that I used the image.
At 1:51pm on July 15, 2009, Silja Saareoks-Kaldre said…

At 1:46pm on July 15, 2009, Silja Saareoks-Kaldre said…
Thank you for the amazing photo! It touches the heart.
Here's one thing that happened to me yesterday evening. It was dark outside and the night butterflies were flying for the light. There was the green butterfly behind my window. I've never seen the green one before. I did let it fly into my room. At first the butterfly was flying all over in my room. I wanted to make the photo of it but it did not want to calm down. Then I concentrated on loving feeling and brought the word love into my mind. The butterfly did sit onto my arm and did not want to fly away anymore. I made plenty of photos while the butterfly was on my arm, then I went to another room and showed the green butterfly to others too. It still did not move. Totally incredible for me. Here's one photo I made of me and the butterfly myself:

At 7:29pm on July 14, 2009, Mona Karrar said…
Hi Jeanne,

Thank you so much for your comment and friendship. This site looks great, with so much to do; I'm still trying to find my way around it all, but am really enjoying it!

Keep in touch.

All the best,

At 3:31pm on July 12, 2009, Silja Saareoks-Kaldre said…

At 9:13pm on June 19, 2009, Imelda Maguire said…

MAIDEN HAIR FERN for you Jeanne my new friend.

Hello Jeanne

Your page here is really beautiful, warm and inviting.

I am also looking forward to discovering more of our depths together.

For the last little while I have been researching to find information on how to help a friend in Africa and when I viewed the video of the crone grandmothers, I had to come and read, learn, and then felt compelled to share.

Life is wonderful and so full of synchronicities.

The pictures of your grandchildren touched my heart. I have a third grandchild ready to enter our new world of love and peace any day now.

I want so to be ready for the next part of this journey here on earth. I also really enjoy the computer which bridges the distance for good long lasting friendships. Mind you, as I say that I am really green in this area.

Thank you for your friendship Jeanne.

Wishing you all the happiness and love on earth.

At 7:54am on June 18, 2009, mary rose said…
Jeanne, thank you for your warmth in holding your hand out in friendship. The manner in which you write is so profound and moving. I am writing a book entitled: The Sacred Quest for the Who of I Am" which is based in the biology of human consciousness, but goes into what i call "cultural baggage" a factor that divides rather than unites us. Am still in the research phase of this, and have not as yet gotten into the actual writing; however, it has dramatically changed the way i view the world. May we deepen our friendship so that as i begin to write, can share with you and gain access to your feelings and great wisdom. While i have begun this journey along the immensity of it is such that i cannot finish it alone. It will require the input of many.

with love and appreciation
At 5:04am on June 18, 2009, Marian said…
Angel10 Pictures, Images and Photos
may you be blessed this solstitial weekend x M
At 3:27am on June 18, 2009, Melanie Worman said…
Thank you so much for your kind welcome Jeanne. I'm beginning to feel at home already but have much to learn and explore on this site. I'm a complete novice on the internet but no doubt I'll be flying soon! Peace on Earth XXX
At 9:48am on April 27, 2009, Art World said…
Love & Light
At 2:46pm on April 24, 2009, Liz McLellan said…
A pleasure Jeanne, that Grandmother's video felt like a cosmic confirmation from the Universe for me, that I'm on the right path...finally.
At 10:00pm on April 21, 2009, Lee said…
Thank you for stopping in. I have fallen into an old habit of taking on a bit more than I would like to have taken on. As this resolves I hope to be back here a bit more. I have been checking in, and activity seems to have slowed, so I will try and do my part again soon. Is the prose I am listening to as I write this on your page from the "Lindel" documentary?
At 6:10pm on April 21, 2009, Louis Grenier said…
Hi Jeanne!
Thank you for accepting my request for frienship. When I was writing my blog today, Santana's song "Put your light on" popped in my head and I planned to add it on my page. I smiled when I saw it later on your playlist.
Take care,
At 1:57pm on April 17, 2009, Roshanna Sidney Evans said…
Thanks for your support, much appreciated. I LOVE you ideal home, would love something similar as well. Your page is lovely, many blessings,
At 1:53pm on April 7, 2009, Heloiza Averbuck said…
Dear jeanne,
Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my photo!
I wish you a wonderful Easter!Many blessings,Light and Peace to you and yours!


At 1:30pm on April 1, 2009, Jaiia Earthschild said…
Hi Jeanne
I wrote to the admin here to see if they do worried me for similar reasons to yours...didn't think that blog was so dark - more humorous but then laughter is its own power.
At 11:39am on March 31, 2009, Jaiia Earthschild said…
Hi Jeanne - thanks for your perseverance.
Read through your page last night.
My husband is an architect - I appreciated your housing comparisons
and your deep earth facial image...

Do they censor blogs on this site?
I have seen a couple of controversial things removed
I did one on the war on drugs that also disappeared...what's that about?


At 4:28am on March 30, 2009, LLOYD said…
Hello jeanne,..'hope your day is turning out well ?
I wrote a comment for you,..but it disappeared into an astral plain ! ha, ha .

Firstly, 'thanks' for your lovely compliments re my songs / photos, & to my discussion, & song ,,,,' 'Simply moving on ? ........

i create these entities with a focus to 'touch',..& to know it reached 'you' on this level,..'feels like a flower has bloomed !

Feel free to add any further comments, & to point others in this direction,...
i welcome any thoughts ,..& i look forward to your insights with joy .

Lloyd *
At 4:21am on March 30, 2009, LLOYD said…
At 4:18am on March 30, 2009, LLOYD said…
Hello Jeanne,..'hope this finds you well , & having a good day ?

'Firstly 'thanks' for your lovely reply,..& your compliments re my songs,.photos,.,.. dicussion, & song ,..' 'Simply moving on ? ......

I feel energised to complete these moments,..& driven to share them with 'you', becomes 'the blooming of a flower ',..when they 'touch' .

I'll be posting more in the coming days / weeks, & 'look forward to your feelings, & wise perceptions .

'Feel free to add any comments you wish,..& to inform others of this .

Enjoy the music,.......Lloyd *


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