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April 2009 Blog Posts (148)

~He's Got That Look~

"Is the past a misdirection" as someone recently emailed me?

"Is the answer in the future?"

So, maybe I'm not so----oh---off the beaten track with all of this shi(f)t stuff?

Or, I don't know---there's this part of my mind that is sorta saying to me--

"Look, Little Miss Earth Person, Would you please--- Shi(f)t or get off the pot? You know you're not the best of candidates to deal with change!"

You know, I resent that--now that I'm thinking about… Continue

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Today is a 9 day.
Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue says "Your Divine Life purpose involves giving of service through your natural talents, passions and interests."

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Angels Light the Way

Angels are messengers of God sent to light the way. Angels are always here even if you don't believe they exist. The sign of an Angel is love. Angels manage to love even if somebody ruffles their feathers. Angels are instruments of peace. Angels know that life is fragile and handle it with prayer. Angels speak through music and sing to frighten away the darkness. Angels make themselves known to you by simple acts of kindness. Angels take time to be quiet and listen to God. Love is the current… Continue

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Mission statement

21st of april 2009

Since 1981, my life has been directed by a mission statement.

"To favour in teenagers, an awareness of their capacity and of their collective responsibility to transform their lives according to their needs and their dreams".

This statement, as simple as it is, has proven to have a power of its own. It stirs hope, awakens passions and moves mountains. It is connected. I call it my prayer.

With this statement at… Continue

Added by Louis Grenier on April 21, 2009 at 6:00am — 4 Comments


"The idea of "Eve" is so totally captured in the colors and the lines. You have a lot of daVinci. This is macro cosmic and microcosmic at once. I can see the dust of the astrological worlds while feeling the pulse of that tiniest of worlds our consciousness is not privy to. Again, so feminine, while almost aggressively "showing it all", in a masculine manner. And, that is a loud pronouncement of something so archetypal and unconscious, it makes us each think we are the single discoverer of such… Continue

Added by Barry Mack on April 20, 2009 at 10:56pm — 1 Comment

Quote Of The Day By Lynn Fishman

To develop greater intuition, you need to listen.

Added by Lynn Fishman R.N. on April 20, 2009 at 4:11pm — No Comments


"Worry is misuse of the the imagination."
(Dan Zadra)

Added by Laura Danielle on April 20, 2009 at 3:36pm — No Comments

The End of the Beginning

I happened upon this last night, after a series of aha moments.

Just thought I'd pass it along, it makes sense and confirms a LOT of what I've personally been experiencing, and seeing in others.

Added by AkashicWreckage on April 20, 2009 at 11:00am — No Comments

Pure Project Interview in 5 minutes

Ryan Fix of the Pure Project will be on the Peace Portal Radio Show live in 5 minutes!

Join us here!

The Pure Project is committed to supporting the creative sustainable economy in the transformation of ideas into value based, enterprises that are sustainable on all levels. In doing so we expect to build a community of sustainable businesses, which support each… Continue

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HI ,..'hope your day is going well .

This coming Wednesday ( 22-4-2009 ) seen the ' First 'live' performance ' of ''EVE'RYTHING ',.a song written for my daughter,..& angel.. 'EVE'.

EVE,..passed on last year,............

' was heavily covered in both Scottish national TV, & press,...& it's taken me till now to lift myself up,..& begin this Quest,..........she is with me as i write to you !

Her song was performed 'live' at ' Radio Tays… Continue

Added by LLOYD on April 20, 2009 at 5:30am — 2 Comments

Quote Of The Day By Lynn Fishman

Take time to meditate. Empty yourself. And then, let the universe fill you.

Added by Lynn Fishman R.N. on April 19, 2009 at 8:45pm — No Comments

To Receive Your Good

It's an intense time on the planet, to say the least. We're all being squeezed, and what it looks like differs from person to person. Feeling some anxiety over a long-standing challenge in my own life, today I received this wisdom as a forward from my dear 95-year-old friend Ellie ~ yes, she uses email!

Timely, for all of us, it's a variation on, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." The reminder soothed and strengthened me. May it do the same for you. Oh ~ if the word "God"… Continue

Added by Amara Rose on April 19, 2009 at 6:00pm — 2 Comments

My First Blog Post


This is my first blog post and I am thankful that a friend has told me about this site. It's very cool.

Definitely a postitive site.

I'm looking forward to learning and browsing more extensively throughout the site. And making new friends as well.

Peace & Love to All who read this.


Added by Immortal Spirit on April 19, 2009 at 1:21pm — No Comments

~~Spring Cleaning~~

So, I cleaned on Friday and I didn't shave my legs and go to the beach.

And no, I didn't journey to answer The Big Question either...

The day totally clouded over and the wind began to build up. It also felt a bit chilly, so probably the temps were in the low 70's---brrr!

A simple change in weather provided me with the opportunity to avoid, and escape, answering The Question.

Or, was something else brewing in the clouds and wind?

While sweeping and mopping the… Continue

Added by AkashicWreckage on April 19, 2009 at 11:30am — 2 Comments

Angels in our lives

"One of the most frequent events is where a person appears suddenly to help someone in great distress and then after the visitor has accomplished their task, they seem to disappear. The person turns round and they are gone mysteriously and suddenly. There is often some fact that makes the person believe that the help was not of this world. For example, the mystery person calls them by their name when no name was mentioned, or they demonstrate a "super human" ability such as extreme strength. It… Continue

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Angels in the Clouds

I think this is so cool:

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Angels Nearby

God assures us that his angels are always nearby, ready to help. This is what matters.

Timothy Jones, Celebration of Angels

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dear jessica...

Dear Jessica,

There is a small moment in my day when I forget the truth. It’s at night when I’m sleeping and I meet you in my dreams. In four months will be your one-year and as the date gets closer and closer I find myself feeling even more emotional. I’m scared. I find it hard to still believe that you are not here for me to call, hug, laugh with, or talk to. Since you’ve been gone I’ve done lots of pretending. I’ve pretended that I’m so busy I can’t call you. I pretended that you… Continue

Added by Karen Cortez on April 18, 2009 at 9:28am — 1 Comment

Angel Quote Saturday

Angels have more meaning than just as characters in stories from the distant past. In fact, they are members of a cast who make appearances in our lives every single day.

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Gift of a bowl

(from a recent magazine article)

In a world where disasters and disappointments are inevitable, the best practice is to listen to "a simple call of the heart" that beckons to a world of peace and clarity within, says Maharaji, (Prem Rawat) who has been urging people to follow that call since he was a little boy.

Maharaji said someone in Sri Lanka whose home and goods were swept away by the tsunami a few years back sent him a gift of a bowl.

"A few days before… Continue

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