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Shakti Meditation's Blog – May 2014 Archive (5)

Realizing the Sacredness of Life

"It is helpful to recognize

that the one infinite consciousness

is looking through your eyes;

is aware of this moment

through and as your form.

If you really look,

you will see it is not

'your consciousness" that is looking.

It is consciousness itself.

The God or Guru or Formlessness

that you love or seek



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Experiencing Consciousness as Limitless

"Try and feel this moment.

Not emotionally, not mentally,

but through sensation.

That does not mean

feeling your bum on the chair

because that is thinking.

You are thinking

'my bum on the chair'

and that thinking

is getting in the way

of actually feeling this moment.

So close your eyes, relax



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Allowing the Intensity of Being

"If you watch your thoughts,

you will see that a lot of things

you claim you want,

you don't actually want.

If you are hungry, you desire to eat.

When you eat, that desire is fulfilled.

That desire was true.

But if you are not hungry

and you still desire to eat,

there is no truth in that desire.

When you eat,…


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Becoming Conscious in What You Create in Every Moment

"From the perspective of the ego, you are separate from everything so there is the assumption that your actions have no impact outside of this moment.

But when you recognize everything is one consciousness, then you realize everything you do inwardly and outwardly has an impact.…


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From a Recent Satsang: The Essence of Everything is Peace

This is an Excerpt from a recent satsang.

To Hear it (It's nice to listen to while reading)

Click Here

"The idea that you are…


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