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Cindy paulos's Blog – March 2011 Archive (15)

nothing to hold on to

There is Nothing to Hold on to

All is energy

And as it manifests into Being

The Presence is held

By our perception

Allow the energy of God

To Flow through you

And the forms

You have manifested in your life

Allow your life

To love the essence

Of Pure spirit

And to love the form that is

It’s vehicle with all

Of it’s mind, body and emotions

Accept all of your yourself

Without… Continue

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The Breath of a New day

The Breath of a New day calls

And the Heart opens

Deep seeds of hope Blossom

In God’s Presence

Hold open the Door to the Universal Dream

Of Heaven on Earth

For even amidst the perishing of the old ways

We hear the call of a better day

Long has the world prayed for a way

Out of the Darkness to Light

From Death to immortality

And from Chaos to Beauty

Aching always for glimpses of the Truth

As Given by many of the… Continue

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The Song of God

Find the Heart of the Current

That will carry you to the Song of Life

Listen listen to the Tone that reverberates

Through you

Alive in the very spirit of your being

Do not fight the current

But flow with the Whole

And be carried with the waves

That you are one with

You are the current

You are the waves

You are the Spirit

And the being

That the master conducts

And directs

And the Tone in your… Continue

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Embrace God

Embrace all of Life

With Love and Forgiveness

Open your Heart to Love

Embrace al of Yourself

With Compassion and Understanding

Open Your Mind to the Light

Let Yourself Breath freely

With the Smile of the teachers

Blessing You

And allow yourself

To be the Miracle of life

In the very moment of Creation

Let the Pure goodness of God

Be alive in your awareness

Believe with an innocence that… Continue

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Strengthen the Chalice

Strengthen the Chalice

To hold the power of the

Transformative light of God

Hold the chalice up to the Very source

of Creation and Bring the Essence

of the Presence Forth

And pour the Pure Nector of Being

Into the stillness of your soul

To quench the thirst for the Sacred Sirit

Let the Body and Mind be transformed

And let the Love that heals and forgives

Become the Core of your awareness in your self

For it is Love… Continue

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The transition

As we transition from Darkness to Light

We must be able to hold the Power to believe

In our Hearts and Souls

That love will guide us through

We must be able to ask for God’s Guidance

And then trust that what comes will be

God’s will

And we must be strong enough

To stand in the Light

And call upon the Power of the Light

To come into our Being

To lead us out of the Darkness

To a new day that will unfold

And Blossom into… Continue

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To share these words

Let me breathe in the pure light

Of God’s Eternal Love

Let the Breath burn with a fire

That clears the path to show

Hidden deep within my Soul

Is a promise that was made

To always serve the higher goal

And the echoes of that still remain

To share these words that speak to me

Of the Masters Way

And To walk the path that leads us to

A new and brighter day

Here inside I remember

What it is I came here for

And I… Continue

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Let the Heart Speak

Let the Heart Speak Of its love

Let the Love speak of it’s Way

Feel how Life can bring such Joy

And such suffering and Pain

Let the heart stand Naked

In such pure honesty

That what the strength it’s made of

Bleeds into every beat

Let this heart have a home

That is so deep it can begin

To reveal the Power of the soul

and find its roots

for the one flower that is within

So fragile this life

So fleeting this… Continue

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the sacred identity

The sacred identity

If I can hear the sound

Of the soul

And capture the words

That sing so bold

And find those words to be alive

With hope from the highest part

And a grace that comes

As a silken robe

If I can dwell just for a moment

In the shadow of love

And let it be

And carry with a breath

The vision of how to reach

The alter of the earth

And find some meaning

In a new rebirth

Your… Continue

Added by cindy paulos on March 7, 2011 at 8:33am — 2 Comments

The human predicament

This human predicament

And the cross we bear

Being here in form

With nothing so clear

Born of the light and the distant stars

Dwelling on earth

We forget how far

The journey of eternity is here

in a moment of existence it’s clear

In life we always search for clues

Some way to love and get back to you

You let us wear your cross

So we may seek

The choice of resurrection

So we can be free

And still… Continue

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the game of life

The Game of Life

Let me use this lifetime

And the time I’m given here

Let me find a way to be at Peace

Within my sphere

In this given time and space

There are gifts that will appear

Let me take what’s given

And be grateful

For my brief time here

We each have a playing field

We’ve chosen to live upon

We all make up how we can play

And what we need to get along

Until the players leave the field

And… Continue

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in the wings

With every breath I get closer to you

Restless Fire,

Born of my soul

Raging passion come see me through

All of life is but a dream

The wayword images

Of some grand scheme

Somewhere in your heart I find

The truth so strong

I may leave the rest behind

Stand before the winds that blow

And bring the merging so I may know

The merging of elements

The wild space between

With every breath

I am closer to… Continue

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it is time

It is time

When the World becomes too crazy

And the way is hard to find

When you are weary from the burdons

Of illusions in your mind

When you forget why you have come here

And why that you believe

Stop and go within

And spend some time to Be

Be with the One Spirit that is always there with you

Be with the Love of God

That is holding out to see you through

Stop and take a moment

And call on what is… Continue

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In Memory of

If you would know my Soul

You would taste the Fire of Passion

If you would reach my heart

You would find the love that is

the Spark of God

If you would see beyond the boundaries

of the Worlds illusions

and have a glimpse of eternity

Beyond times control

The limitless space that lifts away the

Secrets of universe

You would hear the song

That calls you home

Spread your wings and fly

Burn the world… Continue

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What is the Price of Freedom?

The Price of Freedom

When the Soul calls out to be Free,

When the Heart Knows that it is time

To fulfill God’s Destiny,

Then the seed born of the pure energy of Love

Pushes forth to BE.

Yet What is the Price that is Paid

For the Precious Flower of Freedom?

the Nurturing of the roots,

the clearing of the Weeds,

Allows the Sun to let the Bud grow

Into the precious flower of Freedom.

Freedom has never been… Continue

Added by cindy paulos on March 1, 2011 at 8:54am — 1 Comment


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