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As Heaven comes to Earth

As Heaven Comes to Earth

We Dare to Remember the Light

That is the fabric of our very being

We call forth the power of Creation

To be fully alive so we can become the love

That has brought us to the Merging of All

And aligned us to reveal God within Man

With each breath we draw Spirit into Life

In each Moment we are given the Amazing Grace

That can bring the Presence of the Divine into our Being

As we Live, Die and are born with the… Continue

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Questions for God

With an Open Heart and the full acceptance of the Highest potential to be who You truly are ask God

What would you have me be

What would you have me feel

What would you have me see

What would you have me hear

For if you could be who you truly are as God would have you be

It would be the full expression of your Soul

as the embodiment of Love

You would feel the compassion for those who hadn’t yet

Found the good… Continue

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The Merging

The Merging

Softly the Miracle of the Merging is inhaled

The Breath of Being is a Moment of Divine Recognition

of the Human Heart existing in the Light of

the One Eternal Presence within the soul

As we understand the Unconditional Acceptance of

our Fragile existence of our Transient Bodies

with all the elemental roles

Living with the Joyful Laughter

of the Eternal Grace of God within

we are Given a Vision of the Infinite… Continue

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The Song of Life

The Song of Life

Be the Embodiment of God’s Love

Breath in this Perfect Love

Feel this Love in your Heart of Hearts

And Let it Reveal to You the Presence

That is the Living Light of your Soul

There is a Joy in the Revealing

There is a Song of Creation that sings to us in our Revelations

That Feeds our Spirit, Our Breath, and Our Being

Listen to this Song of Life

As it plays the soundtrack of your Hearts purpose

It is… Continue

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New light holders of the World

Light Holders of the World

Light Holders of the World

The Doorway is Now open to the Highest realms of Energy

That have been called forth to allow the power to be

As One force for the Good of the World

To Allow the transforming Power of this Energy

To radiate through you to those in need

Hear our Call to transform the network

That has held any negative Patterns to come into it

So it may align with the Celestial Direction of the… Continue

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Light Holders of the World

Hold the Vision

Hold the Vision

That you have Seen

Hold the Vision and Believe

The weary World trembles

And with all those in need

It’s easy to fall into despair

Hold the Vision

And open your heart

There is a Way to be

An inspiration for those you see

With dreams of healing the world

Although it takes all that you can be

The dreams can really come true

Hold out your hand

To those who call

And… Continue

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The time is Now

The Time is Now

Now is the Time To stand in the center of Our Being

To Bathe in the Pure Light of our Source

And to find the Strength to Live our beliefs

Now is the Time

To call forth the Power of Love

And Find Compassion for all those enduring hardship as they struggle to find their way through the long path to Peace

Now is the time to reveal who we truly are

To bring our souls forth into our being

To stand Naked in the New light that… Continue

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The pure Light of Being

The pure Light of Being

The More you allow yourself

To Exist in the pure light of your being

The less you need to Hide from yourself

And as your Soul Emerges

And you allow yourself to Be who you Are

The more you can be Seen

And recognized

As the Beautiful embodiment of a reflection

Of God’s Living Light

See the radiance of your Eternal Soul

And when you recognize it in yourself

You can see it within… Continue

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The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life

At the End of that Long and winding Road

Is the light that has led you since

the beginning of your journey

with The answers to all of your questions

And the Divine blueprint of the Sacred Plan

At the End is the Beginning

The gift of what has brought you here

To make he choices that formed your life

Your life is a Prayer

Heard within the Soul

Listen for the Words whispered to you

For you hold the… Continue

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A smile Born of creation

The Smile of Creation

I need to stand in the Pure Land of Spirit

And see the Shining Star light of My Soul

Rise like the sun on a Brand new Day

I need to breathe in the Perfumed Fragrance

Of the Blossoms in Heavens garden

And touch the Hand of God

To be renewed in the Purpose I came here for

Awakened from my dream

And opening my Eyes to the Reason for my life

And the deep Love that has Carried me

On the wings of Angels on… Continue

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We are Not Alone


On the Path to God

We are not alone

When we lose our way

New hope is always found

At the breaking of the Day

When we’ve found the Presence

Of God’s within our Hearts

Even through the hardest times

Love will do its part

We are not alone

On the pathway home

The angels softly Watch us

Their Light will guide our souls

Go into the silence

When all your hope is gone

They’ll be there… Continue

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Whole again

To be Whole Again

My Souls Sings

To the Pure Spirit of Being

Calling through the Impossible

distance of all Time and Space

Prajna Paramita

Across the unknown

From the journey of the past

To the unseen future

It has always existed

In each calling of the Heart

We here

We are Present

We meet in a Moment

And we are Free

Across the River of Life

we Remember our Promise

Our Journey and… Continue

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The Heart of the Universe

In the Heart of the universe

Is the perfect Song of Life

The Song that opens the Heart

with the Highest Hope for a Love that merges our souls with God

Where the Ecstacy of our Union

Makes us One with All

And there a light that burns away all illusions Brings us

To the Power behind nothingness and releases

Our Emptiness into the immaculate Birth of Creation

To our Source we return

To our free Will we Say Yes

I am Here… Continue

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Petals on the Path

Petals on the Path

Here I am

In all my Light

with gift the Gift to See my Soul

Let this Light Transform my Being

With Love guiding the Power

To accept all of Who I Am

The Dark Fears are no Longer Hidden

As they Emerge and with a Smile Accepted

And the Dark and Light are merged in a Divine Union

As Abraxus spins into One

Emptied into Nothingness

We stand Naked in our Human Form

With Spirit Eternal Blossoming… Continue

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As I listen

As I listen

As I listen to God

So I listen to you

As I see the Vision of Glory set on the Stages of heaven

So I see the Miracle of Life

Set upon this Earthly Stage

Speak to my Heart

And through the Layers of Pain

I may See your Soul Crying to be heard

Let me see the Radiance of God in You

Shine forth through the many layers of your Being

Until your true self is Revealed

We are the Lost children of a Brave New… Continue

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The Unlimited Good of God

The Unlimited Good of God

The Unlimited Good of God

Dwells in Your Soul

Believe in that God

The Pure Innocence that is the Essence of Your Heart

Lives in the Love of this Great God

That is within You

We are born of God’s Love

And we Long to Have this Love

That we Are Recognized

In the Pure light of our being we are Revealed

To be of this Perfect Divine innocence

That is Unlimited Good

And as we… Continue

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Healing Treatment

A Healing Treatment…


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A Healing Treatment

Aloha All, A dear Friend and Hawaiian Healer Nahi was Diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer...
I wrote a Healing treatment.. and Ask for Prayers for her..

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Naked Soul

Naked Soul

Naked Soul Shining Bright

A flame that burns

In the darkest night

All the Heartache and despair

Has brought you to be Standing there

All the raw feelings

Are questions received

Your answers echo inside of me

Radiant Butterfly

Has left the cocoon

To bless the world

With sacred tunes

Naked Soul

Speak to my Heart

Of Love that’s touched you

So you can play your part

Still you… Continue

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Believe in Love

Believe in love

As much as you can Believe in Love

So you can be Love

If You open your Heart to the true love of God

The Love that Fuels the Source of all Love

And stand at the Alter of the Christ Light there

You can Find the Gift of Accepting this Love that You are

Love that asks only that You Love others

With the same Love you have been given

That you see with the Eyes of the Soul

The Light that Feeds the Sun

And… Continue

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