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What are you listening to? A music discussion of the music you are enjoying lately.

I just listened to some very beautiful music from Mali on Link TV's World Music program. I can't figure out who it was by or where to buy it though.

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I'm listening to "essentially me". this is a great CD that blends neo-soul with jazz. the group is called essenTIAL and is fronted by songstress Giovanni von Essen. you can find this CD on CD Baby or on I-Tunes.
All I been playing all the time is anything by ENIGMA , while I had been a fan of some of there music for years I had never really checked them out before.For the past 3 months I can't get enough. Goodbye Milky Way at least once a day.

A various list of Buddy Guy, Mojo Collins (DO catch him live sometime ! well worth it) , Lorenna McKinnett (WOW) David Gilmour, God Rest his soul.. John Martyn, and believe it or not.. I just discovered ''Buckethead'' amazing talent!!! lil hard for my taste all the time but amazing talent! .. ohh and Itzhak Perlman 13 years old Mendelssohn Violin Concerto .. soon I will be going to Durham to hear the also amazing Nicholas Kitchen play his or perhaps my Grandfathers Violin! i'm sooo stoked!!!!
ahh blessings! TYG did I mention that I REALLY like music!? lol
Marinspin......Right now, I'm listening to the molecules banging around in my ears, but later I will enjoy some music by the the most prolific musicians of my formative years. They're known as the "Wrecking Crew" They are the LA based studio musicians that backed up the Beach Boys, the Monkeys, the Momma's and Pappa's, the Ronettes, the Crystals, the Association, Simon and Garfunkle, Johnny Rivers, Herb Alpert, the Righteous Bros, the Fifth Dimention....and many more.

I have been in contact with Denny Tedesco, the son of the late Tommy Tedesco. ( some of you guitarist out there may recognize that name ) Tommy was one of the session players in the Wrecking Crew. Denny has produced, and directed a documentary about the group, to finally give them the credit they deserve after all these years. Look it up on line, and sign up for updates re: screenings of the film. It's not out there in general distribution yet. Denny's still haggling with record company lawyers over the rights to the music. As you may imagine there are a few different record companies involved. He says things look good though, but dealing with lawyers is expensive, and time consuming. Check it out....Talk to you soon.....Bill
Linkin Park-Minutes to Midnight, 311-Soundsystem, Miles Davis-Bitches Brew, Soullive.
David Nelson Band
Incubus-"Make Yourself," "SCIENCE", and I'll probably thrown in "Morning View" tomorrow, maybe "Light Grenades."
Hello all!

I listen to a lot of different kinds of music. My favorite artists are T.I., Michael Mcdonald, Rick James, Graham Central Station, the Barkays, Youngbloodz, Outkast, Evanessance, Peter Gabriel, and Lenny Kravitz. When it comes to music, Im a very well-rounded person! If it has a great sound, its gonna be in continuous rotation on my Ipod!
Thanks for the post!
Good Ole Grateful Dead 10-14-76 mmmmm good!
Laura Nyro

Upstairs By a Chinese Lamp

Market in the cool white mornin'
Merchants sell while women buy
Milk, tobacco, soap and matches
Sweep the floor
While the dishes dry

Spring whispered in her ear
Like soft Mediterranean wailin'

Sleepy woman by the window
Dreamin' in the morning air
Of the one who takes her sweetness
By a chinese lamp upstairs

The steam of china tea
You could hear the woman sing
In the soft flames of spring

Spring has swept the scarlet side streets
Winds caress, undress, invite
Upstairs by a china lamp
They softly talk in the cool spring nigh
I am listening to my own music day in and day out, trying to write lyrics to my first epic. "All or Not." In my car, Silverchair-"Frogstomp", "Freakshow", "Neon Ballroom". Also Joe Satriani-"Super Colossal," and Self Titled. I was listening to Clutch at lunch, good stuff.
I get a lot of music from listen to samples there if you wish.

I'm a Michigan/Motown girl too so that's a hit as always. Stevie, Smokey and the rest.

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