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On December 21, 2012 - where will you be?

In this day and age of rapid paced media, I find myself faced with a barrage of doomsday scenarios correlating to the year 2012. If it isn't comets crashing into the planet, the earth shifting on its axis, tidal waves, nuclear war, particle accelerators creating black holes, pandemics, planet X and a morbid assortment of mega disasters, its dire predictions from the Mayan calendar, Nostradamus,
Edgar Cayce, the bible, astrologers, and various religious leaders all telling us to prepare for the end. And have you noticed in recent years how many survival shows are being produced? Survivor Man, Man vs Wild, Survivor, and The Colony just to name a few. Are we being prepared for whats to come? Does our government know something we don't know?

In the year 2009, with the clock ticking ever closer to 2012 I am confused. Are we all on death row and blindly hoping all the signs and predictions are wrong?

These days I feel much like a man who has been diagnosed with cancer and been given less than 3 years to live...I don't know whether to start compiling my bucket list and travel and take one last look at our world, start stocking up on survival supplies, build a safe room or just cross my fingers and believe this Earth will be granted some sort of divine global remission.

I started this topic because I don't believe I am alone in feeling confused about our impending future. With that being said, what do you believe? How will you prepare? Will you prepare?

On December 21, 2012 - where will you be?

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Comment by AkashicWreckage on August 9, 2009 at 6:48am
"Are we being prepared for whats to come? Does our government know something we don't know? "
Interesting group, thanks for starting it!
I don't know that we're "being" prepared so much as perhaps we should look at what's being perpetuated out there.

And yes, our governments know something we don't know---and that's fine. Let the governments continue to writhe in the throes of corruption. I don't believe there should be resuscitation attempts, although I'm sure there will be.
We have a system based on control and fear, whose natural consequences should unfold.
Comment by Ron Tocknell on August 9, 2009 at 5:30am
Just to clarify what I meant and to respond to Joan's comment.

You are right and of course we must learn from history. That's the purpose of memory. By "issues with the past", I mean the issues that keep us bonded to the past. The bonds we need to release in order to experience the purity of NOW.
Comment by giovanna marino on August 9, 2009 at 3:40am
The key to know the absolute truth
(you won’t worry any more in your life!!)
Written by giovanna marino

The truth is found denying the clause.
If the denied clause means nothing, the original sentence is true, the truth is absolute, otherways it may be relative or not to be the truth (it might be a joke)

e. g. The sea is blue. The sea is not blue. It can be green or black during the night time or golden during the sunset.
“The sea is blue” is only a relative truth (just in a certain moment during the daytime).
“the sea is made of water” is an absolute true clause because there is no way to deny it.
Blue or green are only temporary attributes.

I think so I am.
Real truth. No way to say the opposite.
Who says that the reality is an illusion is just a mystifier because even the illusion is something and “something” can not be “nothing”.

So we are “something”.

Can we say that we are coming from “nothing/nowhere” to end in “nothing/nowhere” after death?
The clause “there is nothing before and after life” has no sense to me.
How can anything/anyone originates from nothing/nowhere/no one?
How can anything /anyone disappears or dissolves in “nothing”?

The thought, which is immaterial, is “nothing”?
It is not possible to deny the existance of thoughts just because they are immaterial!!
Are thoughts connected with the material body? Or is it possible to think without the body?

In the very moment we die why should we loose even our thoughts while the body decomposes in thousands of molecules that will recompose in other forms?

The fact that we can not manipulate what we don’t know doesn’t allow us to think that what we don’t know doesn’t exist or that what we imagine does exist…

Shortly, and as in Saint John’s Prologue is writen in other words, I think so:

- There is the “manifest” the material world, the “finished part”
- and there is the “non-manifest”, the unknown, the unknowable, the “unfinished part”.
- We are part of the material world, but even of a unique project that includes the unknown. This project exists before us (we are its suns and doughters, it’s where we come from and where we lead) and after us…

Even if I may appear more insignifiant than an acarus in comparison with the infinite universe, I am the doughter of this project and my intellectual freedom comes from this knowledge.

The consciousness of this absolute truth makes my life uncommon, not banal…and with this truth I measure /compare myself and I take decisions…

My intellectual freedom and the unique experience of my life in this world constitute the basis, the main motivation to go on with this adventure that asks just to be lived.

Now, 2012 has no sense.
Even the number has no sense because it is just a accepted custom.

“To make sense out of your life” make sense to me. Can you say the opposite?

My life of tomorrow depends of what I choose today, and today will be my past, my history.
You have just this very second to live!
You are the ARCHITECT of yourself, no matter what earthquake will shake the world tomorrow.
Comment by flavia-dhyan Ilaa on August 8, 2009 at 11:02pm
thanks Cary...
I'm with you.....
...I can "share" with you so much "love"...till we hare in this planet...!!!!
let me know your "fears"....
send you my love,
Comment by Cary on August 8, 2009 at 2:34pm

In your comment you made some great points. Thank you
I am looking forward to more views and input on this.

Comment by Ron Tocknell on August 8, 2009 at 1:28pm
Well, Cary, I think there's every likelihood that you're not alone in this. I tend to avoid asking this question because I'm not sure that anybody can know the answer.

The important point is that we don't have a diagnosis; what we have is an idea or a concept that something pretty huge is due to happen. This isn't the first time that the End of the World has been predicted and more or less taken fairly seriously. It's just the first time since the Internet has been around to spread the word on a more global level than has ever been possible before.

Whatever, if anything, is going to occur, it isn't something we can accurately prepare for. My own view is that expectations are so high that the worst scenario would be if nothing happened.

There are a lot of theories but the general consensus of opinion is that we're going to experience something called "ascension". This is expected to take the form of a "shift in consciousness" and many seem to be expecting it to be something that will happen to them by default.

My personal view is that there may well be a shift in consciousness... largely due to the fact that so many are actively bringing about changes in their own lifestyle and their mindset and that it is bound to have some effect. If this is the case then the date 2012 is arbitrary except that it provides a sort of deadline and motivates people into making some changes.

There certainly are lots of crises occurring and I do believe that our civilisation is spiraling into crisis after crisis. This is a bummer in the short term but, in the long term, it is a far better prospect than the continuation of corrupt political systems, corrupt economies and corrupt corporate systems. Just about every institution you look at seems to be embroiled in corruption.

It is a civilisation destined to collapse and the looming shadow of 2012 just seems to be accelerating that progress.

The worst thing we could do, whatever lies ahead, is to fear it. If you spend between now and 2012 preparing for The End, you're going to have a grim time of it... even if your preparations entail doing all the things you’ve always wanted to do. Every action would be accompanied by a growing conviction that the world is about to end. That might take a little of the joy out of it. Furthermore, you'd probably blow anything you've got put away for your pension and invest so much into preparing for the END that you won't be able to afford for it not to be the End of the World.

My advice is to assume that nothing is going to happen. Don't waste your time on tomorrows or yesterdays. Live every day as if it were your last and pursue every task as if you have forever. This is always good advice regardless of what is ahead of us because, in reality, nothing is ahead of us and nothing is behind us. Fears for the future and issues with the past are just ghosts that sully the only time we ever have... NOW. There is only NOW. It might be worth writing that word on a wristband and wearing it next to your watch. That way, you'll always know what the time really is.

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