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everything is going to default financial default , it's not time to stand steel don't stay home travel or we'd better expect economyu to collapse definitely to restart again.........

financial facilities too dificult to obtain a state aid to start a microsociety hope someon will understand me not love fazcebook me like aoand

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Happy Halloween!!





If you come to me with an open Heart

And trust with an open mind,

I will be there with you

And love you’ll always find.


If you are as a little child,

 with the beauty of the world

 fresh in your eyes.

Then you have a way to see

 the true reflection  that illusion can’t hide.…


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More Than 500 GE Volunteers Support Salt Lake City’s Kostopulos Dream Foundation with Community Service Day

GE Healthcare employees participated in GE's Community Service Day to help improve resources for the Kostopulos Dream Foundation program, Camp Kostopulos. Camp Kostopulos is a Summer camp devoted to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities through recreation, education and growth experiences. More than 500 GE Healthcare employees, retirees and other volunteers from the Salt Lake City area volunteered.…


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Claim your destiny

Claim your true destiny


Claim your True Identity.

Claim the Soul’s true light

Here the calling of the One.

Who stands with you

Through the longest Night.


Through all of the trials of time

Through the weaving

Of this world’s strange dream.

There are always the Silent Ones of God.

Who in silence the truth…


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Prajna Paramita

Prajna Paramita


Sweet echoes of Forgiveness

Wash from the shore of the River of Life

The crossing waits

As the waves lap the soul with

A kiss of compassion.


When a fire burns with the force

Of such raging demand to know all

The perfection of nothingness

Comes as a blessing

To guide the way on.




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Just Love it

Just Love it


So here you are with your life

Now open like a book,

Can you laugh at the human condition

And just Love it and all that it took.


Can you lift it up to the Alter of God

And release it all and set it free.

Can be objective and let the soul be?


So here you are with the world to serve

And you must find a…


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Healthcare In A Box: GE Developing Health Globally Program Helps Solve Healthcare Dilemmas in Emerging Economy Countries

This FTI Journal article discusses GE's Developing Health Globally (DHG) initiative and how GE is helping to improve the lives of an estimated 4.8 million people in the developing world.  Developing Health Globally is a GE Citizenship program that aims to improve access to quality healthcare for some of the world’s most vulnerable populations, with an emphasis on maternal and infant care. The program uses GE products, expertise and employee engagement to…


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Here in the Magnificence

Where dark meets Light

We exist as the key to a universe

With no beginning and no end.


There is a wonder

Of the All in All,

That is the gateless gate,

That leads to the realms

That hold our very…


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Dwell in Peace


Dwell in peace,

For in the ease of Just being in peace,

Is a center of Strength

That is secure and Sustainable.


Take a moment to be free of trying

Free of stress, and free of fear,

And Just be at ease in peace.


Experience the Stillness that is a Resource

For our souls pure energy.

A stillness…


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The Petals of God's Sweet Love

The petals of God’s sweet Love


Come now to the Love

that Understands Sweet Compassion,

Smile on the hard hearts that have felt so much pain.


Pour the petals from the Blossoms of the One Flower

From the Garden of God’s secret Sanctuary over your soul.

Let them fall upon the very essence of your being,

Let them shower you as a gift from heaven,



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The Harvest


Harvest the Seeds of God’s Love

That were Planted here on Earth

In the Christ consciousness in being.


For God’s Love hold’s the Frequency

In the Vibration of Christ Consciousness.

Uniting Light and man, humans being

Alive in God’s Love.

Humans in…


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There is a Word that Holds the

Powerful Energy in The world.

That Word is Love.

Let that Love be your Password to God.


Sweet Lord, Sing to my Heart of your Love.

Let the Pure Light of your presence

Transform my Consciousness

So I am in Tune with the perfect energy that Speaks to My Soul.

Let me be worthy to…


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the brath of the devil is getting shorter

the breath of the just is expanding

the breath of the fool needs help

the breath of the wise needs to be admired

the luckiest is the one who aligns his breath with harmonic consciousness.

let's continue being inspired in this society evolving very fast.

food for tought must be love.

serenity comes from being aware we are at the right place at the right time.

being in tune with the universe means…


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experience God

Experience God


Experience God

In this precious time

you’ve been given here on earth.

Experience God’s gifts

That allow you to ask to

Understand All of the Mysteries of the Universe.

And Gives you the Key.

The door is there for you to Unlock with Christ’s Love.


For the earthly senses are limited

And Christ’s love Holds a…


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There is a candle lit

There is a Candle Burning


There is a Candle Burning

For each and every soul.

There is a fire, a spark within.

That’s lit with Life so the Source is known.


The Holy Fire of Creation

The Fire that’s in the Heart of God,

Shines throughout Eternity

To Guide us ever on.


Keep the candles Lit,

Keep the Fire burning…


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Listen for the Sound of Light

Feel the Sun rise within your very being..

And Let the deepest Chamber of your heart

Be filled with the bliss of God’s Love.



Quiet the Mind..

Still the thoughts,

And be in the Presence of the Holy Spirit..


Let the wings of the Angels protect and hold…


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there is no Perfect Love

There is no Perfect Love,

For Love carries all of the Very elements

Of Who you are,

Love is all inclusive in accepting

God’s energy working through you,

When you say Yes to Love.


Love is a redemptive, radiant force

That allows us to give and receive

And to be open to Believe.


God’s Love works though all the…


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Dream Big

The Impossible Dream


For if you Love me

Love as I do.


For If you Would Carry on the work to be done,

Begin with yourself.

Begin with your family and those close to you.

Begin with those you would have lifted to the Light.


And Send your light out to the World

And see the world as Being Transformed

By a Loving network of…


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