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The Word of God is Brought to you

On the wings of Angels

In a stream of Light

that comes to your Soul In the Stillness

And it finds the holy Chalice in your Heart

And fills it with Love Divine

The Blessings of the Word of God

Is Found in the Living Expression

of its Way and Truth in Your Life

Become the Way

Become the Truth of this Blessing

Find a Way to Express

the Infinite Beauty and… Continue

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Pure Radiant Light that you are

Open your eyes to the Energy

That feeds your Vision

So that you may truly see the rainbow rays of divine beauty

That are burning in every Soul

Look into the Heart of God’s reflection

in the Masters Perfect Love

and accept that There is a Love that

embraces all of Who you Are

An Unconditional Love that knows your True Being

And Give thanks for the Perfection of this… Continue

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Every morning when I go into meditation I use this Phrase when I enter into the Presence

May you all have a Blessed day..Let's all Meet in the Light of the Highest..


Be with the Presence of the Divine Holy Spirit

And Hold the Doorway Open to the Circle of Light

That Is Present at the Still point Within.

Still the Energy of the Body and Mind

and Find total Peace in the Silence.

The peace that passeth all… Continue

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Hold Steady in the Light

Aloha my friends, Full Moon 4/28... Wesak Festival... Let's All Hold Steady in the Light

Morning Message...

Hold Steady in the Light

Hold Steady in the Light,

So you may find the Direct Path to God,

Hold Open the Heart,

So you May be Blessed

with the Love that pours through the Light

to Transform you so You may Become a Pure

channel for God’s Radiant Energy.

Surrender the Fears and Worries,

The pain and Suffering, and be… Continue

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The Teachers

This Message came to me in regards to if we should be following the Path Of one Teacher...

The Work of the Masters is to Hold

the Highest Frequency of Light

and Allow the it to be brought into

the Heart and Souls of the Ones

on the path to God..

The Intention of the Min to follow

Guidance of a Teacher

Gives a Relationship of the Teachers Light

to the Students path, YES, If asked,

Ask and Ye Shall Receive,

Share the Gifts and… Continue

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Aloha my friends.... Full Moon 4/28...anyone doing a meditation for Wesak?

check out..









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You Tool

A Tool

God Use me as You Tool

To find the Words

That reflect your Light Divine.

Let me Find the Way to Serve the Love

That Exists Within your Heart,

that is the Fire that Burns with The

Hearts and Souls of All.

Let me know the Bliss that Comes

When we Merge Our Beings

With the Spirit of Your Amazing Grace.

And Give me the Strength to Be a Pure

Reflection of the Masters Teachings

So that I can Be of… Continue

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Your Connection with God

Your Connection with God

Mae a Direct Connection with God,

For there is the Source of Love and Light.

Find the Still Point in Your Soul

And Ask for God’s Light

To come into your Heart and soul.

Let that Light Fill every Cell of your Body and Mind.

Breathe it through you.

Let God’s Love Shine Through this Light,

Let it open your Heart and Mind and Fill you

With pure radiant Energy.

Let it show the Amazing Grace… Continue

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You Must Believe in the Love

That will Guide You to God…

For this is the Love that You are

And it will be your Strength, Your Lifeline,

And your teacher in Life,

You must believe in the Love

That accepts and forgives,

For it will be your redemption,

And it will Transform you and Give you

A new Purpose in Life.

As you learn to Love Yourself

And See the God within,

And as You offer yourself up

To… Continue

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the circle of service


It is in true humility

That we can learn….

It is in the Stillness

That we can open the door to our Soul….

It is in Understanding

That we can feel

The true Heart that calls

And it is with Gratitude

For all of the Gifts we’ve been Given

That we can share….

And it is in Sharing

That we are Blessed

And the Perfect Light of the Souls Love

Can Shine Forth through our Being….

And we… Continue

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The call

Aloha My friends..In this process of learning...sooooo much to understand....I've entered this next top author

competition , with the carrot being a chance to get a book deal from Hampton Raods publishing..It's brought up all kind of realizations..some very diificult.about being out there in the world.

anyway just explaing why I've been asking for your vote at my id #1325...

I don't know why but I've found it's very hard for me to ask... Many… Continue

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We are not alone

We are not Alone

We are not alone…

We are all here on this Path Together for a reason…..

Each ray of Light Shining Forth from this planet…

To add to the Legions who are

Now working for the Good of All…..

We are Not Alone…

We are Called by Love to bring our Heart and Soul

to Guide Use and give us a Purpose that comes from God

to reveal to Ourselves Who we truly Are……

We are Not Alone….

The Radiant Energy of the Divine merges Our… Continue

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the redeeming Light of love

The Redeeming Light of Love

Allow the absolute Purity

Of the One Light of God

to Find a Home in Your Heart….

And remember the Love that brought you here

A love so Strong that it can Carry you Straight to the Place

Where you can Forgive and be Forgiven….

You can Believe and Understand

Why you are meant to Believe….

And you may find the Source of the Souls Living Spirit….

And it may Redeem your faith…

And give you a… Continue

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Be nexttopauthor ID 1325

Be love


Be Light

And Be enlightened….

Be Joy

And InJoy…..

For in Being Love

We are Love…..

The Living Love of God

By being the Light

We share the presence of Living Light,

And we are Transformed

as the Light flows to us and through us

And by being Joy

we give ourselves to Believing the Good in Life

and the Blessings we are given in Joy…

For we are… Continue

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Trust in God


Trust in God

The Source of the Soul Illuminates

The true gifts of the Heart.

Much of the Trying that the Mind Directs

Knows not how to release and be Still in the Absolute

Reality of this Now Moment of God

Do you trust in God?

Can your Love of the Teachings of the Masters

Allow you to Hold your Soul

In the Heart of the Circle of Light?

To Serve a greater… Continue

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for info on my Book put a Little Light in Your Life and the next top Spiritual Author


Can you experience the Absolute Love

That is in the Source within

A love that allows you to receive a transforming light

That Redeems your faith

And Gives you a Hope

And allows you to surrender to a Greater purpose

And leads you to your true self

Can you Be an Instrument of… Continue

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The sweetest Words

The Sweetest Words please vote for me #1325

The Sweetest Words

These words of Love

You sing right to my Soul

The Brightest light

You shine on Me

To guide me til I know

The Power to be My self

And walk in truth today

You give me strength

To carry on

You guide me on the Way

Let me see that gift in all

So we can reach those that we may

I give myself to be your Light

To be the… Continue

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the journey of the messenger Please vote at my ID #1325

The Journey of the Messenger see #1325

Do you Hold Yourself up to be

A Pure reflection of God’s Love

Do Your believe that you are

A Beacon shining Forth

To Those on the Path

Behold the possibilities that Live Within

The Heart and Soul

When you allow your self to believe

In the Light and Love that You are

Listen to the Guidance

Which is God’s Dance

With your soul

Let God’s words be… Continue

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Divine Grace

Divine Grace ID #1325

Breathe the Divine Grace of the Holy Spirit

And Let it’s Nectar fill the Chalice of your Soul

Let the Blessed nectar from God

Still the Mind

And May it’s Bliss

Come into your Heart and Soul

You are a beloved of God

And the Angels of the Lord

Guide you on the Way

Feel the Love that is Present in this Precious Moment

Let the light of God

Come into Your Soul

And Heal… Continue

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I AM That I AM if you can get a chance please vote at ID 1325 vote ID #1325

I Am that I Am

The I am is a Pure Radiant Beam of Light

That exists within all beings

It can be felt as the Presence

A Holy Breath of Spirit

I can be Heard in the Silence

As the Voice of the Soul

And it can be Shared with Divine Love

As you trust the Presence

And Open your Heart to the Love it Holds

You can Learn to See that Presence

And the Light it Brings to Others

You… Continue

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