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Cindy paulos's Blog – July 2012 Archive (6)

For Bob Longhi, who passed on Yesterday 7/30/12

The Road that never ends.

And what will guide you through the darkest night

If not the faith planted deep within your soul.

And what will lead you to your new home

If not the peace that’s there to know.


and all the friends you had who passed along

wait to greet you and guide you on,

and all the blessed angels who watch and wit

bless the path you’re on.


It seems there is a lifeline

That lives deep…


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the Enchantment of being

Oh, the choice of the enchantment of Life

And these fine morsels of being here

Fed by fuel of gratitude

With the breath of joy

As the heart opens to the gift of being.


Would you choose this nectar of the Gods,

Would you see the truth of all existence

Written on each experience you live.


Can you allow yourself to believe in the Good

That is recorded in each soul

As each moment and each birth brings the…


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Dare to see the beauty that this life can hold for you

Dare to accept the gifts that are offered for you to believe in.

Dare to be

And to give yourself to love and your heart’s delight

As one who accepts the dance that brings God to earth

And earth to spirit, in the spinning of the eternal dream.


And with each breath of believe

you are lifted by life and lifted by love.

And you are given pure essence of…


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what love

Just got back from 20 days on the road, visiting barcelona, rome, venice, montenegro, Montserrat, Croatia, Nice,

and so it was nice to sit down and connect with the christ spirit again at home

What Love


What Love would you have that you would allow

You to open your heart and trust

That my love accepts all of you,

And works through me to touch your soul

And lift you to the pure realm of the highest

That is alive in me and so can…


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Happy Fourth!

In Love we are One


Beloved, In our Love we are One!

In our Hearts we can find our true purpose for living!

With the Salvation that comes with Accepting ourselves

And all of our mistakes and the imperfections revealed by time,

And our life, which has brought forth so many lessons for us to experience


So Here and Now

We stand in the light that the spirit of our soul brings.

And we forgive again, we forgive our…


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the sound of Light

And the sound of Light dances across the universe

And echoes in the hallways of all time and space

As soft the petals of the one flower fall

to surround my soul with loves call


it is in the ringing of the bells at dawn

that the call is heard from the soul

and the living breath of grace softly comes

and surrenders the mind to let God’s will be done.


This love that forgives us and joins us all

Returns and gives us…


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