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February 2012 Blog Posts (60)

Daily Insights

It is not about...
Looking for love
It is all about
Attracting it to you
You first must be
The embodiment
Of that which you desire
To have respect, support
Confidence and love
You must first
Hold these qualities
For yourself
To attract
Honour, honesty
And integrity
You must live
These values
Once your belief
Is solid
Energy will then
Attract to you
The same frequency
In others.

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Cabot Creamery's 2012 Cooperative Spirit Middle School Poetry Contest

Cabot Creamery, in partnership with Potato Hill Poetry, is launching a Poetry Contest for Middle Schoolers, in honor of 2012: The International Year of the Cooperative.…


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Daily Insights

Stop worrying...

About where

Your life is going

Start creating

The life

You love to live

What you experience

Is there

Through the

Frequency of

Your beliefs

All experiences

Can be changed

By changing

What you believe.

Nothing is

More important

Than this very moment

In this moment

Believe in your abundance

Value your worth

What you bring

To this world

Is priceless

Love the amazing



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This Divine Human Predicament

This Divine Human Predicament

Thinking we are alone,

While in truth we are all one.

Thinking we have to fight to survive,

When to survive we have not to fight.


This divine human predicament

Of relearning the way of God’s love.

Thinking we are really better,

And fearing we’re not good enough.


All reaching out for the answers,

And all so sure we already know,

Yet this Divine human…


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Daily Insights

You are the only person...

Who gets in

Your own way

Energy is

Always guiding you

To absolute


And unconditional love

Your attention

To conditioning

To being a victim

To living in fear

Keeps you

Out of alignment

Stops you

Joining in

Energy's conversation

Learn to trust

Your instincts

Your communication

Is through

How you feel


Is energy in motion

You need

To take action



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Daily Insights

Your life is...

A series of experiences

Not for your

Physical body

But for your

Energetic essence

Energy cannot

Touch, taste, smell

It is etherial

It comes into

The physical mediums

To experience the physical

When you communicate

With your energy

When you remember

The energy you are

You take back control

Of your physical reality

You consciously create

All circumstances

Experiences and opportunities



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Essay : On the Meaning of Sin



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The True beauty

Magnify the gift of Who you truly are.

Magnify the true Beauty of the Love that’s in your Heart,

For it is from the source of all,

And it is a gift from which you should never depart.


Can you see the power that you hold within,

Can you let others find it,

 and let it show as the Precious flower it is?


And can you find this precious gift that lies within all souls.

Can you see the Garden that here on Earth in beauty…


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Daily Insights

From a place of...


Or overwhelm

Moving to joy

And abundance

Takes small steps

Never let go

Of the big vision

Where you 

Live the life you love

It's ok

To live in your imagination

For a while

Here you create

The roots 

Of your future reality

Then begins the journey

Of finding you

Defining you

Loving and honouring you

Allow yourself

To find 

Points of…


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Daily Insights

Fear is the conditioned response...

Which keeps you

In subservience

In living other's

Life experiences

In control

Fear will only attracted

Experiences to you

That keep you


And away from


You move away

From fear

When you move

Your focus

From living in reaction

To focus on

Your desires and vision

To believing in

And living by

Your values

In knowing you

Are worthy

To be, do or…


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02-02-2012 ~ The Second Initiatory Gateway of Light ~ Anrita Melchizedek

Having trouble viewing this email? Click…

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Activating Our Solar Magnetism ~ I Am Avatar Yoga ~ Children of the Sun

solar swan

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Here is a Flower for you

You are a Precious Flower of Love

A Blessed Blossom of Light from above.

Born from a seed of heaven’s Garden and

 Given Life By the Creator’s Son,


Plant the seed of the flower

 in your heart so it will grow,

Bring this gift of beauty to those

who would care for it  and know


you are a precious flower of Heaven,

with all of the elements to live

with roots in the earth, Kissed by breath of the…


Added by cindy paulos on February 3, 2012 at 8:16am — 2 Comments

Daily Insights

All that is important...

Is your vision

Of the life

You love to live

Your belief

All your desires

Are fulfilled

Through knowing

You are creating

Your abundance

With unique experiences

That you alone

Create the conditions

Of your life

And can change them

At any time

By changing your beliefs

It is all about

Living your passion

Your values

Your vision

You are a powerful

Energy being

Not here to…


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autowriting n°1 - listening to the world crying


don't be fake you're afraid of dark

you search for a sex partner to satisfy

you turn up the lamp because you are afraid

you travel cause you don't find home nowhere

you burn energy through energy comes from the sun

the knoledge of Goodness and Devil was living by night

the knoledge of GaD is hiding sex not for shame but for freezing.  petrol create damage it was something god gave us to cope when the sky will be unclear. don't waste petrol…


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Daily Insights

The ego...

Is not about 

Being big headed

The ego 

Is the conditioning

That keeps you 

Small and feeling


All while you

Let this take over

You cause 

Your own resistance

To abundance flowing

When you let

Your energy

Take the lead

Ego looses

It's power

Your energy is where

True unconditional 

Love resides

When you love

Who you are

Believe and honour



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Meditation: Anchoring the Energies of Compassion ~ Waves of Bliss ~ Nasrin Safai

source material:

February 2012

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Energies of February, 2012, a Landmark Year which is also a leap year. This means there is one more Portal Day in this month and one more in this year.

Happy Chinese New Year: On…


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Daily Insights

Hold strong ...

To your values

These are what

Define you

These help you

Create your vision

Of the life

You love to live

Take your focus off

Those who would

Make you compromise

Your values

Understand they come

From the frequency

Of lack

And low self worth

Are disconnected

From their

Energy essence

Hold strong

To belief 

You are worthy

And capable

Of all…


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