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Does God love you?

Does God Love you


For in this world there is so much that we can fill our time with

that we can really avoid the void, and in that void are the questions and the secrets that our soul must know.

And also one of our deepest fears, that we are not really lovable.

That we are not innately good.

And part of us is never really certain that we are loved for who and what and who we really are.

For so much of ourself works so very hard at…


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a Breath of Spirit to dance to

The Magic of the Spirit


Oh, the sweet Love the breath of Spirit Brings,

 yet how do you hold these invisible gifts of such fine offerings.

They come in moments of stillness,

That are woven with golden threads that Love can bring,

And yet they are captured with of the fibers of Life we recall

It is hard to hold onto these gifts that answer only to Heavens Call.


Would you capture and angel, to put on display,

Would you…


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as Only Humans Can

Only Humans can


As we race through this life we are fed,

By the passion and the dream,

And the chance of being able to achieve all of our wildest schemes.


And with each breath we are reminded of how precious this life is.

And the mysteries we encounter as we learn how here to live.

For here on this precious planet we live as God and Man,

We learn how to be humans so we may find a way to be all we can.




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the lotus

As we open the Doors of Perception our vision Changes

The Light of the Creator is seen within the form that’s ageless,

And in the light, Love is Born,

And the gift of being is reborn..

So creation becomes a learning tool,

And the creator our teacher and harmlessness our rule.


The subjective and objective path is found

And our point of Comprehension learned

As co-creators with God we learn to be

And  learning love is…


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The Hard Lessons

The Hard Lessons


The Hard lessons are the ones that let us deal with all that we have

In our lives that create our legacy.

Not how we escape from our lives but how we embrace and amplify our lives.

And from that gift of caring how we make a foundation of being

That we can build upon.

And from that foundation from which we can live and be we look at the loving of the life we have dreamed and created.

And how that life can be a living…


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We Honor the Mother

Love at the Heart of it all


We honor the Mother

And the giving, nurturing, nature of unconditional Love,

A love that gives life and the spirit of caring

that is carried in the Heart of Love.


For in the heart of this love is the seeing of the soul,

And the good that we all carry there.

And in seeing that good we see the God within the other,

And so feed the potential of that good in the other.

And in feeding that…


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Love as I love

Love as I love,

And believe in yourself enough

To let it  connect you to God’s love

And in that Love we find a way to let

God’s love live within us,



Love as I love

And experience the radiant energy that carries

The one unconditional love that heals as it reveals.

And allow that love to enter your heart

And be present and alive within you

As the spirit of God is present within me.

And see that same…


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The Gift of Shift

The Gift of Shift


Now there is a shift in the Soul’s Perspective

as the incoming refined energies

bring about a new and higher alignment

The Soul is given the gift to Shift

And be present in the circle of ascended Ones.

This allows an increase and amplification

In the power of Light

And the Presence of an unfiltered love

That can now be focused in objective beingness.


This means you can be Present in the…


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In the Whole of Being

The Light is Drawn into the Center of Love

And there is a complete Union

Of the Light and Dark.


Throughout the Universe the alignment emerges

And the waiting One is birthed.

All of the aspects of expression are

Brought into Creation,

And the Center which holds God’s Energy

And Our Purpose for being here is manifested.


Light can be brought into the Heart of Humanity

Love can…


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Full Moon of May and Wesak prep

From the Highest mountain top

From the Place of Grace

Comes the holy sound of the Choir

That sings and opens  Heavens Gates.


And the chorus of angels here

Join in glorious song

That opens up our hearts and souls

And leads us to the Joy of the new Dawn.


There is a rose that blossoms

in the sacred star within the Heart,

and it’s lifted up to the Crown of thorns

where it becomes jewels of Crystal…


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The Pure Light of being

Throughout the Kingdom of the Dwelling Place

Of the Lord of Light

The Radiant energy of Being is sent forth.


Behold this great gift of the One,

Behold this Very moment when

You can Be in the Presence of the Master

And stand in the Light of Love.


And as you allow this Light to Be with You

 your Heart and Soul,

So shall you Become Present In the Heart of Being

 To Bring this Bring into form.

For this…


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The go to word is Joy

Blessed Children of God

The Time is Here

And the presence is now with You

In Joy the Light of Love Comes

to Open Your Heart


Feel the Power of the magnet of Love

From the One who Calls You

To open the door way to the

 Soul’s pure Joy in Being.


Hear the one who calls you

To find the path to the place

Where the presence is

And you will find the truth of Who you are.


Awaken all…


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