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Cindy paulos's Blog – June 2012 Archive (13)

Let the Love that I am live in you

For now the place is set for the Lord to live in your heart.

The Christ Consciousness in spirit can be held

In the hearts and souls of all who choose to love as I love

And to Believe in me with all of their Heart and soul.


So this is yours to hold,

This is yours to believe,’

I am with you always

I am alive in the light that you hold

In the very center of your being.


 I am here so you can find me within…


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Stop and Behold the Miracle of Life

Stop and Be Still

And in this now moment Behold the Glory of God and Creation!

Behold the exquisite beauty that the Miracle of Life expresses as Love

Open your heart and feel

The love that is there for you to find.


Open you mind and let the light that feeds the sun

And the world in all its glory Shine through you.


Stop and be still and listen to the millions of sounds

Merged as one, the sound of the Word



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If you love

And if you love me, than you must see yourself in me,

And so learn to love yourself.

And if you love yourself than you can learn to love others

And so the love works through me to you and through you to others.


So love me as you love yourself

and love yourself as you love me.

For this love will open the door

And allow the power of God  to be alive in you.


It will give you a reason to believe in yourself

And to…


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The Spirit is Willing

The Spirit is willing and the heart cries for Love

And still there is a fear to trust because,

The world has taken it’s toll, as it will

When all the misplaced offering of your soul

paid the price and the bills.


But the spirit still calls you

And there is that flickering flame

That burns through the darkness

And knows you by name.


And as you draw close and search for the source

You are faced with what you…


Added by cindy paulos on June 20, 2012 at 9:32am — No Comments

Love and Love again

Love , Love and Love


Again and again, return to Love my friend

For as you bring your life to Love solutions

You have a fertile field with which you can

Live and grow the souls life purpose.


For the soul knows this love that has a home

In the energy with which God granted life

And it can work, and grow and blossom

In the seeds planted with this energy that reflects

The pure light of spirit in…


Added by cindy paulos on June 18, 2012 at 9:49am — No Comments

More Light and Love now available

As more energy comes in to raise the level of light and love on this planet,

We need to lift our consciousness to allow more energy to come through us.

There has been limitations placed upon our consciousness for so long

That we have given up hoping to believe what in our souls we knew was so.

We have been prisoners of the limitations and ancient ways of this planet

for so long that we have come to believe that this just is the way life…


Added by cindy paulos on June 17, 2012 at 11:09am — No Comments

Choose Positive energy

Good day!. the last few days I have been getting how important it is to choose positive energy, based on Light and love when we function in the world. As much as I love the silence as much as I love to mediate, my path has not been one of a hermit, but of taking my teachings given and bringing them to use in everyday life, this i have chosen not to wear robes, or be called Dr. but to be living with the principles and blessings given me by god. And it always amazes me how life will teach you…


Added by cindy paulos on June 16, 2012 at 10:45am — No Comments

For the Good of All

For the Good of all, the new paradigm


With a Breath I call on My unlimited Power

Understand and receive the Gift of God’s Goodness

The self defeating ancient ways can now be released!

Believe that, Imagine that see that.


You can create a better world, a better way

Where we can choose to Love, to Succeed, to Enjoy

To believe in a way to live

with Good Will for all for the Good of all,

And this can be done by…


Added by cindy paulos on June 15, 2012 at 9:53am — No Comments

To bring Heaven to Earth

It is Now that you choose to hold

The direct Power of the presence in you soul

It is now that you let that presence anchor in your heart.


And now you accept the truth of who you are

You hold the light and love that is given to you

And you allow the doorway to open

To the  higher dimensions

So it may brought in to this dimension.


And as Heaven is brought to earth through you

You understand the responsibilities…


Added by cindy paulos on June 8, 2012 at 9:52am — No Comments

Here is God's Love

Here now is the Day of Celebration,

Here now is the Day of Joy,

Here now is the Releasing

of the Chains of Sorrow, limitation and Pain.


For there is so much More Light

There is so much more Love,

And there is so much more that is Miraculous

That is now possible and available

That is being offered to you

If you would just believe and open your Heart and Mind.


For you have worked hard and you have strived…


Added by cindy paulos on June 7, 2012 at 9:50am — No Comments

Venus, earth, Sun, God

There in the glimmering in our hearts true home

There is the birth of a new light

As the Sun feeds the earth with radiant life

So the earth receives this light and grows

Ever reaching upwards to the Source .

And as we live in the reflection of God’s Light

So we grow with the ever unfolding Miracle of being alive,

Here on this small planet expressing our love

As God expresses his love through us.


And as Venus holds the…


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The calling

The Gathering of the Holy ones is here

And like an ocean born of Spirit

The waves of light spread across the universe

carried by the holy calling of Love.

Come, Come, for the time is here

And the Masters have gathered to join

In the celebration of the Blessings given

To those whose hearts are open to Love.


And the will of God is understood

And those who would do the works of Good Will

For the sake of Humanity join…


Added by cindy paulos on June 4, 2012 at 9:11am — No Comments

Full Moon of June

Bring the Light of God into your heart

Now open the door in this very now moment

To the Christed one.

So that the Power of God’s Love is In the innermost

Center of your being.

Breathe the Light of God’s Spirit in as a direct line

From God to matter as our Soul to humanity.

Let the Chalice Of Good Will and our oneness and Unity

Into the center of your heart

And send a clear energy from the source

So we may express God’s…


Added by cindy paulos on June 2, 2012 at 11:36am — No Comments


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