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Lorenzo Abbiati
  • Male
  • Reggio Emilia
  • Italy
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Always be good, patient, hopeful innovator

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Jun 6
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"Carlos see you in Padova on 29 june ...i have got a reservation in the first row...very glad..."
Jun 6
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Apr 15
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Apr 15
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Apr 15
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"20 concerts by Carlos more purcahased from me in . The Energy of 73-91 is astonishing....i love tour soul Carlos.....thank yous...Lo."
Apr 15
Lorenzo Abbiati commented on Lorenzo Abbiati's blog post where have we been in the last 16 years?
"I have found now someone. the attraction can't be denied, but i need more. tje tidal wave needs to run further i won't have rest and repose. heal in disguise is not being fully satisfied. the magnetism isn't enough perhaps. it's…"
Apr 12
Lorenzo Abbiati commented on Lorenzo Abbiati's blog post Europa song - throug me (to me)
"We carry the weight of heavy Heart of injustice.  What is Power if It endangers the holder of Power and its own slaves . Lovers are Just builder of other egoism which affects the lonely ones.let me remainder out of the dire of passione so that…"
Apr 1
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Mahavishnu John McLaughlin & Devadip Carlos Santana 1975 Parade & Concert (rare)

Mar 28
Lorenzo Abbiati commented on Lorenzo Abbiati's blog post where have we been in the last 16 years?
"at the moment i duplicated my age since that event on st Patrick day......yes it was S Patrick not celebrated in Italy.... i do recall the bells of love attraction.... a letter wasn't useful on that day, a little copybook for her wasn't…"
Mar 28
Lorenzo Abbiati left a comment for purelyconstructive
"Many thanks purelycostructive...i will take a look to your interesting book. Lorenzo greetings from Italy"
Mar 28
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Mar 8
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the impossible dream

you are so far are so nearyou are not playing a game on me?you are evaluating my qualities and attitudesi will not be waiting for so longlove is not a game, but neither is it a tragedysacrifice and be waiting to not waste every single moment after..from the moment you'll be in my armsyou don't want to hear my sweet wordsyou too don't convince me at all but never would deny your loveyou are afraid i speak words only to conquer words are not of convenience.....for me first of alli should remain in silence and not reveal my strategi but i mess around with my words and want to be clear even if this means i will be loosing you words come from my sweet heart feelings's my natural attitude.don't slip away don't let me slip gentleness comes from my good inclination towards me (and maybe you)i play fairly a game to wait for you but not eternally.but in eternity should last our love if you would accept it. you answered me no but i don't know…See More
Mar 8
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Feb 21
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Feb 21
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Feb 3
Lorenzo Abbiati posted a blog post

I am still here

Through many broken Dreams through many unsucceaful efforts.i still believe in the Power od wonder.the delight which derives from discovering that our life your gifts are unique. I love dreaming : the other side of sleeping.there must ne more but i have to be satisfied of the stuff i Have. Forget and forgive the past. i am proud of What i Have and of Who i am. Not confront not patch has been unique no Matter who joined or let me in the path. The answer May be silence but i prefer activism once in a while.See More
Feb 3
Lorenzo Abbiati posted a status
"the fact is fighting corruption without becoming corrupted,never think to have truth in your hand never sell it be just with your popularity"
Jan 29
Lorenzo Abbiati posted a video

Supertramp Maybe I´m a Beggar

I ain't got too much money, I ain't got too much sense Long ago I had a dream but that's no recompense My father was a blind man, my brother was a fool My mo...
Dec 13, 2017
Lorenzo Abbiati shared their blog post on Facebook
Nov 30, 2017

my life

YouR guess was true, back to origins, what's in a name?

"Laurentium" could be a a kind of saint murdered, or a flower used for decoration, victory.

We decide for our life at 90% of it, Other 10% must be very negative to drag you so down.....

REDRAW YOUR LIFE .... it's not escaping from reality to take in the new life your ancient and ancestral wrongs....

Today's society is based on fear, a short blanket we try to use for covering ourselves from always colder nights.

Men subracting things and energy from other people. They are God eaters.

People who create new things (++), people who build according to a pattern (+-), people who judge(-+) , people who destroy (--):  ++ is celestial -- is devil

You are not just a number among other numbers, it's not how high is your number in your own rating, it's not if people observe you that makes the difference, it's not a matter of success IT'S YOUR OWN LIFE ... YOUR PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION AND GENETICAL CODE THAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE.

the mathematic in our life is not forbidden ground for common people, we live inside geometry and harmony.


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What instrument does Carlos Santana play

Lorenzo Abbiati's Blog

I am still here

Through many broken Dreams through many unsucceaful efforts.i still believe in the Power od wonder.the delight which derives from discovering that our life your gifts are unique. I love dreaming : the other side of sleeping.there must ne more but i have to be satisfied of the stuff i Have. Forget and forgive the past. i am proud of What i Have and of Who i am. Not confront not patch has been unique no Matter who joined or let me in the path. The answer May be silence but i prefer activism once in a while.

Posted on February 3, 2018 at 8:00am

help to control my emotions END OF 2017 PRAYER


i need help for not showing off my love and devotion to wrong persons

i need help and heat to be safe during winter-like relation relationships

i need help to not feeling alone in this end - of present world's disperation

i need help to keep for my my kindness and not to throw it away to wrong persons

i need help not to become myself a black hole: i can buy sex but noone never will be able to buy love.

i need help to practicing what we preach

i need help to love the ones who love me

i need help to pardon and avoid devil

i need help to have devil be prepared to accept my forgiveness

i need help for not wanting to see crying peolple who hurt me.

i need help to consider whomsoever girl's behaviour more important than her physical appearance.

i need to be objective and inspired in my present and future choices of life.


Posted on November 30, 2017 at 3:42am

You would spread your love if the rose wouldn't have thorns. You buy false love you search for suffering in exchange of few moments of glory. You would be a healer and almost become a criminal. Somet…

You would spread your love if the rose wouldn't have thorns. You buy false love you search for suffering in exchange of few moments of glory. You would be a healer and almost become a criminal. Something forbidden a malefice has been done to you.  You are not what your genes would allow you to be to in a society where your appearance is important. Your freedom has been limited by hate, desire if controlling envy competition. You remain silent without taking vengeance knowing that your wisdom will save you. Your patience will bring you wisdom and will lead to understand the truth someday somewhere alone or with someone. BY LORENZO ABBIATI WHO WILL BE 40 IN THE NEXT 10 DAYS. 


Posted on November 19, 2017 at 9:56pm — 1 Comment

she melts only with whom it's worth and of convenience for her to do it if i would be high someone of them lower would look for me and long for me. if i were good looking i would be safe cause any go…

she melts only with whom it's worth and of convenience for her to do it

if i would be high someone of them lower would look for me and long for me.

if i were good looking i would be safe cause any good action from mine would be highly Worth and rated. i would have free tickets to show my qualities.

if i had sense of humor they would think i'am lucky and confident in myself.

if i had much money or success i wouldn't be able if she had been looking for me or for my numbers.

level of involvement in sex is the reveletor of her real attraction.

trying to be lower and lok for the appreciation "someone higher than me"

it's natural that for "takers and stealers" the more you give the more you are in need with them the most they keep you on tenterhooks.  for theat reason stealers are nice with their extra-lovers


Posted on October 11, 2017 at 1:23am — 1 Comment

always here

may my conscience be always here

existing among you without fears

decades passed since i realized i am special

would i have met a pure soul my purity would have multiplied

but the world is rather full of blind greed people to be consoled

for everyone who loves me there must be a bounch of people to be loved from me.

who provides us care attention permits us to take care on unlucky ones.....a world where property is only one way to avoid confusion and to permit us to collect only what we really need.

beware by ones who say you're enough to them, also the end of the world would be enough for us to disappear.

beware by ones who say you've just to devour food, grow our own grass to feel good and alive.  live making live , live love, love living, every second of your life be full with infinity power . a full infinity for a null gravity. kindness lets fly high our hearts.

who aches and harrass us has the poverty the guilty poverty to forget we are all sons of the same wave of love.....disalignment is the chose to be not with someone else. 

for every hearth betrayed there is a path to violence opened but also a one for redemption of both the victim and the aggressor.

the signs of violence are clear but not a shame for the bearer and the victim, be the shame on the aggressor looking at the victim's face.  it's justice at the contrary, the birth of evil and malignity developes on the contrary on a repeated error always even more and more gigantic .....let's do the contrary.....each violence let be transformed in an occasion for redemption.....

Posted on August 6, 2017 at 6:59am

the society...loud voice reflections

We are born into diversity. we are grown to uniformate and be globalized. the child is afraid to go to school mainly for this reason. we reach a lille individualism climax at around 18 years of life...then we restart the uniformation depersonalization process.

we barely know what means being real friend or real lovers but we start messing around with sex at an early age.

sex is a mental game as in its dynamic there are such a few things to learn but it's linking to attraction is not to be taken for granted.

there are tons of fact and things in our life which we are able to quit but these are the same things we can't tell no when they pass through us or we are invited to pursue.

the wise man tell us sit and wait, do only the essential and expect the end, but this is not an aliby to nothingness and inaction is a "let it be" prayer.

we can say no to take into the earth new life, but when we are asked to we are not able to say no.

born from rotation, vibration, each and every human being is a masterpiece of colors, sounds etc. we are into the illusion of chosing who's next to us and we operate a selection according to imprinting, fashion, personal resonation, stereothipes. the longer the time we rotate alone the higher is the enterprise in finding someone who "spins like us"


Posted on May 13, 2016 at 2:19am

a wise man prayer by lorenzo abbiati

You remember when you started something for your own pleasure, now you do it for her. It's not what you do, how well you Will do it, it's about how much she evaluates the things you have done could be liked by other people, these are evil ways which are disguised inside cosensum and surviving instinct.

The starting and the end of one's man life is a gap as large as the difference between extreme goodness and the worst cruelty, this gap is like a double reality.

As we write with wisdom we hope we won't act as beasts.

Don't seek relief in her innocence from things which leaved you offende and sick.

The wiser the man the wider COULD be the injustice he creates. The deeper the civilization the higher are the disequalities in it.

As the deepest is the dream as the reality is fake. Two people who can't communicate should have to share the deepest truths cause they have a different point of view At least.

Take the right path but be albe to mediate and meditate.

Take the best from everything and if a thing or an happening is bad wait for it becomes better, on the other Side colse a Channel as soon as it becomes Dangerous or harmful. But have the courage to try, today and some other day to give up.

We need a few things for our body so many things for our soul.

Inexact science is the key but won't be an aliby from Being enough practical. Your experience be stronger than your loss of capabilities and abilities deriving naturally from aging, as long as aging itself was so degradating your performance, older Wine is better but could turn to vinegar as well. It's your time don't waste it, drink thevwine At the right time but also leave Always improving frontiers opened, cause the next time you could do better, then the time before so your regret from what you were is away.


Posted on May 8, 2016 at 3:53am

a midspring mantra

imagine you could win the fear, the time, the sweetest girl, you become the master of your friend, and it isn't enough. Your life is more worthy than a competition, a goal , a single success.

I Believe in doors closed, an heal in disguise, i can say stop to excess, but never to grace . Never give up, sink for a large dip in society but take the time to breath as well.

Never lay on Your success but take simply the time to repose, stop in seeking more and more success, only improve Your enterprises to get the world higher, never you Will be a monkey, never want to stock money to raise Your fake successore, only breed for love. Joy for other's boy, don't want to give solutions that create other troubles, don't worry about how many people follows and comes after you, be sure to build a truth that can

be useful to many people. Live with serenity.

Lorenzo Abbiati

Posted on April 29, 2016 at 11:23am

the perfection of imperfection

She's not for all

she's only for me

This prayer let it be

The pure perfection

Is pure simmetry

Something is not for me

You are shape shifter

Your truth is too much for me

You know that much you can be

For few but good it is you

That you may not use your spell

To deliver us to hell

For My inspiration bell

You are an edge of My Landing strip

Your light guides me for Landing safety

I Will not fall on you cause i used to be True

To the Others hedge of the Landing strip there is sacrifice.

A Perfect ending is now a Perfect starting Tomorrow won't male me blind.

Posted on December 27, 2015 at 1:55pm

it's not the end until the end comes

Not finding inspired words

I just won't do a game no more

Always something to say it's not a way

I learn from love, grow through hate

Let's come back to a time when My hearth was mine

Always running, through our main concern should be unfolding

the truth which is in disguise, i heard people crying

None is lost forever as the innocent ones

If you can rise your hands please give an end

to those games of power which only kill one anorher

Only for possession we struggle over the obsession

of Money sex and regret, feel the power to change

In order to begin to count the kisses rather than condamning the people who can't listen to their hearth beat and bleed from the original sin, that's why people kill, the only way is not to breed

And let's humanity die giving aid the remaining ones which have the chance to see a new dawn, stop creating, demonstrating to none you are Someone, to the enemy you are handsome, to the virgin you are the victim, to the looser you are the abuser, stop any action we are Killing each Other for reaction running through nowhere, working to despair to enrich the ero sphere, stop doping anything only silence wait with patience to the end and be quiet......


Posted on November 13, 2015 at 5:15pm — 1 Comment

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At 12:46am on March 18, 2012, Steve H said…

Thanks, will check out everything here asap.

Thanks and Peace,

At 8:26pm on December 31, 2011, Christopher Stewart said…

hey Lorenzo !

sorry about the belated reply... thanks for your offer to collaborate, but as you can see, 2011 has been very demanding timewise...

wishing you much love & joy in 2012 and on ! :o)


At 7:26am on September 16, 2011, Dave Clarke said…
Cheers mate ;-)
At 8:26pm on July 10, 2011, Christopher Stewart said…

thanks Lorenzo ! :o)


wishing you a creative & joyful week ! 

« The world is but a canvas to the imagination. » — Henry David Thoreau

At 9:00am on June 13, 2011, cindy paulos said…
Aloha Lorenzo, So Sweet, I can't thank you enough for taking the time to SOAR..

I put a little video together yeserday before I heard you music..Bu tI like your music better...

Love and Light from Maui
At 10:26am on March 22, 2011, Alaniya Patton said…

Ciao Lorenzo,


Love Thy Enemy (unconditionally)

Fear drives people to many actions that are seemingly irrational. One thing that has come into my field of experience is that when fear dims one's light, the light of someone centered in love may become too strong for them to feel comfortable in that environment.

sorry I can't understand but i would be grateful if you could explain to me this keypoint because I am involved in a kind of similar situation.....


What this keypoint means to say is that if a person is in fear and their own light is dimmed because of it, they may feel irritated or threatened by someone who is in a state of no fear, fully embracing their own light and shining it out into the world. That is a mirror effect that shows the person who is in fear what they are denying within themselves (their true light).  Thus I say that the undimmed light of a person without fear may be overwhelmingly strong (a mirror) for the fearful person and they attempt to diminish that light, to remain comfortable in an environment that is not as brightly lit. Often this is done by means of trying to attack or instill fear in a person who resides fully in their heart. 


Spero che mi spiego meglio cosi. :)


At 1:10pm on March 8, 2011, Blanche Toney said…
You're very welcome., and thank you for having the courage to start this group ;-)
At 6:34am on February 23, 2011, KeepinthePeace said…
Lorenzo, Thank you for your kind words.  It was actually my Mother who passed away on February 8th, 2011.  However, my Grandmother did leave us in 2007 at 96 years old.  My Mother was 77 yrs old.  I felt she left us too early.  I was looking forward to taking her where ever she wanted to go and taking care of her needs in her home.  It is what it is though and I must accept this to move through it.  She is in my heart and will be forever.  Thank you for displaying her photos in your slide show on your page.  In peace and light, KTP
At 3:43pm on February 4, 2011, Larry Cooperman said…

Thank you, Lorenzo,

I'll take that interesting congratulations!  Celtic and Cuban is good.  I thought it was hippie music.  It's called "walking on the water."

Best to you,


At 10:18am on January 26, 2011, jb said…

Thank "You" Lorenzo :)

"Appreciate" It Brother !!

and...that was really :Awesome"...;earning of Your Insight & especially, the timing of it !

Thank "You" for that also & also "Appreciated" :)



At 5:57pm on January 22, 2011, Angela said…

Be blessed Lorenzo
At 6:30am on January 21, 2011, Angela said…
Hi Lorenzo, thank you for the friendship :)))
At 9:55am on November 30, 2010, Illuminara said…
Thanks for your feedback...we are generating a global matrix of Light powerful in its frequency of intent...we are transforming even as we are transformers. Each of us is a point of Light flowing out to other points of Light...remember this - one person standing in - and as - the Light projects greater power, through love, then 100 individuals standing in - and as - darkness. Our integrity of intent will carry forth the essence of our Consciousness. We will touch those who will never personally meet us as this energy ripples forth in waves. We are the changes we want to see in our world! Blessings Friend!
At 9:16am on November 29, 2010, Illuminara said…
WOW! Great page...Yes...there is a faction that would just as soon do away with the middle class and have just the working class providing for their needs and government could use a shakedown! Perhaps as we shine the Light of Consciousness transformation will be born from the chaos that exists "out there." We are the people we have been waiting for! One person standing in Light has greater power than one hundred standing in darkness. Shine the light that you are. Feel free to explore my website the blog was just added and won't be up for a few more days....Thanks for being a part of this community...Blessings
At 7:30pm on November 5, 2010, Meta said…
Lorenzo, thank You for the comment and it is great to be able to share this experience of Carlos live with You now........... a smile and a well wish ~M~
At 6:13pm on November 3, 2010, Sherry Swiney said…
Thanks for the add Lorenzo! It's a pleasure meeting members of AOAND.
Sherry Swiney (pronounced Sweeney)
At 10:34pm on October 29, 2010, Steven Graves said…
Great to connect Lorenzo! Thanks for being a friend and a part of this new paradigm community. If you have a chance to hear my CD, "Make A New World" that would be great. You can hear it at and also on my facebook page at Its uplifting rock/reggae with a positive message and groove! Take care!
At 11:16am on October 15, 2010, Soma Khare said…
thank u so very much for makin me ur so lucky...n wat a beautiful lines u hav writtn on my commnts list....thank u for sharing those lines....they r so perfect...i loved them..........ur truely a wonderful blessed to hav u in my frn's list....!!!
At 12:56pm on October 14, 2010, Christopher Stewart said…
thanks for your friendship Lorenzo ! :o)

best wishes,
At 11:05am on October 13, 2010, Soma Khare said…
thank u for the invitation.....!!! its nice to add u as a frnd...!!!


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