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AkashicWreckage's Blog – May 2009 Archive (4)

~Messing With Our Minds~

Beach Buddy asked "Are you not going to eat your cake?"

I looked at him, and said "Why do you ask that? Is it because you really didn't get the kind of cake I like?"

No answer.

So, I rephrased my question.

"Could you save me a trip into the kitchen and just tell me? I'm too tired to try to play this game with you!"


Then he snaps at me, "How long do you want to wait for the answer? Why can't you simply use your abilities to figure it out for… Continue

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~~The Lady Bug~~

I live in an area with a huuuuge amount of old people.

It's an area that was hyped up as a retirement area----and it's decrepit, aging, at times sad, and probably dangerous.

These super old people drive, and that makes it a risky adventure, on the streets here.

And, my Beach Buddy lives here too, although he is---absolutely---the youngest person here. He's in his very early 40's.

At first, he thought that all of the old people around here---well---he thought it was… Continue

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~~Who's With Us?~~

Last night, my Beach Buddy and I played one of our tried and true Favorite Games.

It's called: Who's With Us?

Sometimes, we play it in the living room, or, other times we play it on the terrace.

The scene goes something like this:

We're hanging around, talking or not talking, there's a certain quality in the air.

My Beach Buddy will get this pensive look to his face, especially his profile, as he blows Black Cherry or Vanilla scented cigarillo smoke, suggestively… Continue

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~How much--is enough?~

How do we know how much is enough?

When we ask for protection to surround us, or when we ask for angels to guide us and protect us----how do we know that enough of them are there?

Do they take turns, or do they flip a coin, what?

I pray a lot, it's part of my daily routine.

I pray in the shower, some of my best praying takes place there, although I wonder how much of it works, when at the same time, I'm shaving my legs and end up with a bunch of nicks---

Or when… Continue

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