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Heaven on Earth

Heaven on earth

There is a Place of Indescribable Beauty

Where I Abide

Bring this Beauty into your Life

There is a place of joy and Hope where the Bliss of the

One Love is shared by all who are in tune

with the Song of the Universe

Bring this Song to your Heart

So you may hear the Song we Sing

There is a Love that is So Strong

it Brings us Into the Presence of the Source of…

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Be Open to the Miracles that are waiting to be found

For all of Life is abounding with Miracles in Every moment

Miracles that have been brought into being.

By those who believe,

Who hope and envision

More Than what they may know.

We live in a world of endless Miracles

We live in a Dream of our own Making

A world so Wondrous that we lay claim

to only a small mundane portion of our existence

Blind to what an amazing Creation… Continue

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Bless the Angels

To the Winged ones of God

Who Fly to the Heart of humankind

To be the ones who Bring us the Gift of Love

And lead us to the Divine

To the Host of Angelic Realms

And the Masters they serve from on High

As they Herald the Coming of the Dawn

And Watch over us til Light has Come

They Exist in Love in the Higher Realms

And Love is the Power that Brings Us together as One

Their Love carries the Light to Guide… Continue

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All of Life Glorifies God

All of the Ways of God’s Love

leads to Understanding and respect of all humankind

we each choose our own path

and Call upon the Masters that are

Guiding Us to find the Answers that they have found

Many are the paths to God Light

And infinite are the Ways we can find God’s Love

at Work in this World

And all of the Masters teach us

That our Lives are to be one with the Living Love

To shine With the Light… Continue

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this Love

There is More to this Love

Than meets the eye

The power of the Magnetic Force of the Heart

Beckons you to Believe what can not be seen

To offer your self and be open to the Divine Impossibilities

That merge in God and Man

All made possible through Love

A love that leads you to see with the Very Breath

Of a Call that was Born with Creations Dream

Long have we followed the whispers of

the Promise that Brought us to feel the Hearts… Continue

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The living Christ

THe Living Christ

Within the holy temple where we meet

I ask for My Heart to be Open to the

Love that Understands and Forgives

May Your Love be My Love

To see the Light that Guides and Inspires

Me through the darkest Night

May your Light be My Light

And the Will to Be with

What is the Divine Gift for Humanity

My your Will be My Will

I am Redeemed by releasing My self

to the Path that Leads me to Your Living… Continue

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The Angel of the Lord

Leads the Way to the Sacred Waters

That Purify the Body Mind and Spirit

Here to Shed the past and Stand Naked

In the Pools of Divine Water

And Feel the Holy Spirit pour Forth Over this Thirsty Body

And I am baptized and Freed

To See my Soul in its perfect Light

Come into my Being

I am Blessed with the Gift of your Anointing

And My spirit Emerges renewed and restored in my Being

My Heart… Continue

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The path to Peace

The Path to Peace

If in a Breath you Breathe in

The Grace of heaven

And you find the place that we meet

If in a Breath you Pass into the Realm of angels

And discover their secrets Deep

between the Thought and Being

Between the Love we Share

Deep in your Heart You’ll Feel the Peace

That answers your every Prayer

Hold the Sweet Sweet Vision

Until you come to see

the Light at the Source that guides you

to find your… Continue

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The Gift of Spirit

The Divine Marriage

Sweet Stillness that Releases My soul

To Experience the Gift of the Blessings that you Bring

I am alive in a Current that recognizes the

Infinite Light that carries God’s Call

And brings my weary Heart to the feet of the Master

That forgives and Accepts as it purifies the Love

That can Heal us and free us

to be a Chalice of the Holy Spirit

The very Breath of the One Being that Yearns

To Become the Way the Truth… Continue

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the promise

The Promise

I call Upon the Light

For Long has this Journey Been

With only Vague Glimpses of the Absolute Radiance

From which I was delivered to see you

The Brilliance your rays of Glory

I call upon the Gift of the Sweet Music

That has Lifted My Soul to Hear

The Song that the Angels Sing

In celebration of the love of Our Hearts Awakening

I call Upon the Masters and the Angels

To bring me the Living Spirit

That Merges… Continue

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What we Believe

What Strength the power of Believe is

I believe in the Love that endures through all time

Born of the First Breath that was a gift held

In the Promise of God’s light on Earth

Forgotten through the Maze that allows life to dream

And yet always the Breath brings with it gift

The Remembrance of Spirit

In each awakening we still search for this Power

We see love Carry us and lay us on the steps of its promises

And Love leads us to… Continue

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We can only Be with God

We can only be with God

And in this Moment

We can only be With God

All Becomes this very moment

Of the Absolute Experience

of the Essence of the Source

So Great

So Loving

so beyond any Words

This earthly Existence a mere reflection

Of the One Breath of Perfection

Here in the Light of the Universe

Here is the Reason Beyond reason

The Truth and the Folly of Holding

On to any explanation but this… Continue

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In the Realm of Angels

In the Realms of Angels

In the realms of Angelic beings

The numbers of the Ones doing the Work

Of God are Legion

The Realm is limitless

And the Call for Intercession is Constant

The Angels of the Lord have given their existence

To the aid and protection of those who work

For the Good of humankind.

All works are done with Joy and with great Compassion

For there is a clear understanding of each souls Journey

And indeed many souls… Continue

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The Smile of Understanding

The Sweet Smile of Understanding

The Sweet Smile of Understanding brings a Peace

That allows our completion

Amidst the happening of all of Lifes Dramas

We have a Chance to Be

Alive in the Light of the Soul

Alive in the Life preserver we have been thrown

A fragile Being in stormy seas

And in the drama of the dream we can be the Audience

or the players on the Stage

we are all in this together

So we can smile and recognize

The… Continue

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Surrender You heart To Love

Surrender Your Life to accept this Love

As Who you Are

For In this Great Love

You can Find the power of God Living Within You

The Power that allows you to Be

The living Love of God

Surrender your Heart to See the Christ Light

Working with You and Through You

In all the radiant rays of Energy

that Comprise this very Existence

and form a Bridge to bring the Vision of Heaven here to… Continue

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With Great Love Waiting

With Great Love Waiting

With the understanding of Love

We are given the choice to merge with that Love

To be with that Love

And become that Love

And if we merge with God’s Love we may see that Love in each Heart

With a Spark of light that is the Soul Burning in all

And as we Merge with the One Love we understand that as with Christ the Soul can merge with Gods Eternal Source

And here we are Given the Choice again

The Accept the One Light… Continue

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the path to Peace

There is a Path to Peace

There is a Path to Peace my friend

It leads you out of struggle and fear

It is within each heart and Soul

And it is ever so near

There is a Ray of Hope that brings a brighter Day

All it takes is letting Go and Letting God lead the Way

Release the Hold that needs control

And turn it over to me

The Master on this Journey is the Son of God

And his Love can set you see

You never walk alone on the path of… Continue

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The New American Dream

The New American Dream

There is a new American Dream that is being Born.

It is a Dream that will carry people to find their true purpose

In making a new reality that works for the entire nation and the changing world.

It is based on Loving Kindness. It has its roots in a new society

That has found wisdom from trying for years to live an outdated dream

Sold to them by politicians who promised a false illusion of happiness through a world based on greed and… Continue

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Good will is God's Will

Good Will is God’s Will

It is with the Understanding of the Will of God

That we can release strife

And with Loving forgiveness find Peace

and so let go of our Ego

to find the Power to Believe

That there is a Greater Purpose that we are One with

That there is true strength expressed

In a Loving understanding of all of Lives Roles

That have played a part in the Worlds Dream

There is a Common Spirit Living

within each… Continue

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The Choice to Be

The Choice to Be

For His Holiness on his 75th birthday

In the clear light of a New Dawn

The endless sky is filled with grace

There is a great joy and a smile on each face

The perfect moment is alive here now

In this very breath is all you can ever be

There is a moment

When all striving Is done

When all seeking is stopped

And all confusion ends

This perfect moment

Exists right now

And can be experienced by… Continue

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