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Cindy paulos's Blog – July 2011 Archive (27)

Just Love

Just Love


In the Battlefield of Ego vs Love,

Ego may win the Battle But Lose the War.

Ego demands to Have its own way,

And with each demand defends and builds

A case as It grows stronger and stronger in its defense

and justifications, While Love and Compassion loses,

And with each loss, the soul is pushed away,

And a way to a true lesson in…


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Song of Spirit

Song of Spirit


Breath of Life bring my Soul to Me.

Let your very Presence

Be carried to my being,

Carried on the Song of Spirit


Let my heart be lifted High

Into the Light of Creation.

Let me embrace my entire self.

So that I can reflect your making.


Song of Spirit,

Sing to my soul.

Fill me with…


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Spirit, Holy Spirit


The power of Spirit is far, far Greater than you know.

For the Spirit can bring the Soul’s force into activation.

It can enlighten and bring the mind a way to comprehend

The Miracles that are always at work in our lives.


It is the nature of the mind to limit,  and disbelieve

As it seeks to control and define its perceptions,.Yet, here the mind must be inspired…


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Let it Out

In the Silence beyond the Silence,

Deep within the Soul.

the Spirit holds the Light out,

And the Place of Secrets shows,

That everything we’ve learned

Must now come into play.

It’s time to Live the Inner life

In every waking day.

The world needs every…


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The Journey Home

Love’s Solution


The Voyage to the Distant Shores

Of Heaven must traverse through

The storms of the mind.

And all of the illusions that hold

The attention, must not deter

The spirit from reaching it’s destination.


Hold the Compass of God’s light

Close within your heart,

And let it guide you to the Place of peace…


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Dreamers Awake

Dreamers Awake


Dreamers Awake to a fresh Call

Of the New Light

That has come to brighten your Day.


Breathe in Blessings of the Breath of God.

Which is alive in you

At this very moment.


Let the blessings Pour over you

To reach your heart and Soul

So you may feel the Calling.




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The Chamber of the Lord

The Chamber of the Lord


Sweet Lord, Lead me to the Chamber

Where it is that you abide.

In the deepest Silence,

Let me find this place inside.


It has been called a Palace,

A kingdom beyond compare.

But the Beauty that is found there,

Is a Love that you do share.


There is no greater Gift,

Than Living with your…


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Claim the Power of love

Claim the power


The Greatest Power that comes from God,

Is simply being Love.


This is the Power that has driven the world,

And forgiven the Pain caused by a slowly

Evolving humanity, that has been in

darkness but is emerging to the Light of a New Day.


Claim the power of Love as your own.

Let this Gift guide your Life



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The Harvest

With the Fire of Divine Light

The Clearing Comes,

A fire that Heals the Body, Mind and Soul.

To Bless us to be One

With the Gift of the Lords Love


Receive this Gift with an open heart,

An Open Mind,

And a grateful Soul.

Hold up the Chalice

And let it be filled with the Holy Spirit.


Oh, Children of God,



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Blessed Be

Blessed Be


A prayer can such a Blessing Be,

When it comes from a Heart that Cares.

A prayer can be a Blessing,

When God’s energy it shares.


In our life we are so full

 of Blessings, so many that abound.

We need to take the time

And be thankful for all the

 blessings we have found.


Let your Heart be open to…


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Carry on

Know that the Challenges that you encounter

Can be overcome by Love, Light and understanding.

When you are given the keys to the Kingdom,

You can draw upon the many resources of God’s Gifts to use

In dealing with the Challenges of Life.


Use the tools at your disposal, direct the Light, send the Love,

Be kind, yet unrelenting, understanding yet, resolved

In standing in the truth of…


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All Beloved

All Beloved


All beloved be My Guide

Open up my Eyes,

So I can see Your Love inside.

to Find the Truth of the highest,

and the glory that there abides.

All beloved join me Here,

And Speak your words so pure,

Whisper to my heart,

And to my listening ears.


Let me fly through the  realms of Heaven,

Let me find the…


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Kumu has Changed Address

Kumu Hula Charles Ka‘upu passed away this week.. 

 He has spent the better part of his life teaching, be it History, Culture, Religion, lecturing not only at Maui Community College, Maui Campus, but on the islands of Lana‘i and Moloka‘i as well. He has also traveled to Washington D.C. to lecture at the National Geographic Headquarters, performing there as well at the…


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Hold the Light


Hold the Light


Hold the Light

As a breath of Love,

And let this Love light be.

Hold the Light as the Precious Gift

The Angels bring to set us free.


Hold the Light and let it merge,

With what you have inside your mind.

Let the Blessed Light of God

Brings forth the Spirit and let it shine.


Let this radiant…


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Judge Not


Judge not


Release all Limitations

By letting any negative Judgment Go.

For Judgment Casts a shadow of Great darkness.

It limits our Will to be our highest Self.

Judgment comes from a place where we negate the positive

And chain ourselves and others

To the patterns that have held us back,

Through actions that are acted out by fear.




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This Love will Save You

This Love will Save you


This Love will Save you, This Sweet, Sweet Love,

This Love will Guide you on,

It is ever abiding, it will always last,

This Love is deep and strong,


In this time of great change,

The worldis calling it needs all of our light,

With the Saving Grace of…


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Beloved One

Beloved One


Let me find a Meeting Place,

deep within my soul.

Let me open up my heart,

To call the one I long to know.


My beloved one of God dwells here.

The one who knows my secret Name.

My beloved Light, where always I go,

And where my Love remains.


Let me see the Beauty,

Of Heavens gardens…


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I find it is so important to always go to forgiveness, so that we are not running from our lives, but to Love.



When you have forgiven yourself,

You can become able to forgive others.


When you have forgiven others,

You can open in yourself,

 the path to allow the Redemption of Love.


A Love that Heals the anger and Pain,

And allows…


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Radiant One

Radiant One


Radiant One, my heart speaks to You,

Of Your  Love that I’ve Found within me.

The Purpose of all  that’s needed in life,

They Way I’ve longed for to be,


Yours is the Way, and the path to truth,

Yours is the Love Divine.

Yours is the Bliss, Salvations roots,

The Grace we seek to find.


Radiant One, my soul knows…


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Here and Now

Here and Now


Here you are,

Given all the possibilities,

And all the dreams,

With all the power of God’s Love,

To bring Light to our World.


Here we are,

With the Breath, and the Life,

Precious Beyond our Knowing,

Praying for a way to be fulfilled

In a maze of unending desires.

When only this moment is…


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