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Allowance Understands

Allowance Smiles

Allowance gives Space for others to be.

And the key to be able to Allow

Is the Ability To forgive.

Do not be offended by the Many Actions of others

Who might not be in the Same Place as You.

Do Not take the Actions of others

Whose motives are not pure.…

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Let me be your voice

Let me be your Voice

Let me be your Inspiration

Let me see the Vision

And bring it to Translation

Here we Find a Way

To share our Truths Today

Together as we Dream

We each can be Redeemed

Let me see your Truth

Let me Open up the Door

Ro reveal what’s in your Heart

And find there’s so much More

The time is drawing Near

For us to find a Way

To get to the Very Core

Of How Love can Live… Continue

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Now is the Time for Goodwill

Now is the time for Good Will

We are moving into a new era

A time to Use all of the tools

that have laid the foundation for a New age

A time to put into Practice

all of the love and Light

That we have been given

The gifts we have been blessed with now need to be shared

So the ones who will come to lead the new way

Will be able to do what is necessary

Now is the time for Good Will

to be Brought Into our Way of… Continue

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What is true Strength

But Love at Work

What is the power of the Soul

But the Living Spirit of God

Coming into Being

And expressing itself

Through the ever present

Moment of Being

In the changing field of lifes’ expressions

The light of God is Constant and is revealed

In the purest expression

In the way we Live

Be the Light of God

Reveal the Strength of Your Soul

In the way you live

And express your Love… Continue

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All are being Asked to Be

The Highest of who they are

To Reach that part of themselves

That holds the Flame of their Soul

All are being Asked to Give compassion and the Forgive

To wipe the Slate Clean and let their Inner Mirror

Show them a Clear Vision of How to Be

All are being asked to open their hearts

And to let their soul Shine with Love

It takes the Courage of All that you are

To see the Truth and Speak… Continue

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Live in peace

Live in Peace

When we act as emissarys of God’s Plan

We need to be attuned to the Highest Vibration of Light

We need to Understand the Purpose we are here for

And to Believe in the Outcome for the transformation of Earth

To be attuned to the Place where the Masers of light Dwell

We need to Believe

That Love can save the World

And that Peace can Rule the Planet

And that the Good within all can be expressed

Throughout all of… Continue

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Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Love yourself as you Love God

And learn to Love Others as God Loves them

Accept yourself and all of Who you are

For you are a Divine Reflection of God in Being

Forgive Yourself as God would Forgive you

And Forgive Others in the Same Light of Understanding

See others as Being Souls’

in this Temporary Human Form

Holding an Eternal Flame of God’s Divine Love within

And allow yourself to be Seen in such a… Continue

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let it Be

Let it be

As hearts are Opened to God’s great Love

As Pain is Dissolved with the Joy from above

The Greater purpose can be Revealed

The Master Plan of God’s Great Dream

The Angels surround you

and Embrace your soul

and Give you Visions’

So you can Know

There is a Purpose

that Leads you on

Open the door that brings

Such great Love

Listen to Words that Speak to Your Soul

Follow the Dream of… Continue

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the Eternal Journey

The Eternal Journey to God

From the Depths of Love Can you hear the Call

To Be in the Light

To see the Masters Eyes

And to Claim the Power to Serve

By revealing yourself

Reclaiming the Truth of Your Journey

And Being Free

Long has the Call of the Soul echoed through your Mind

Stop and Listen

The time has Come to Find Completion in the Lessons of Life

To… Continue

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The Power to Believe

The Power to Believe

After all the Promises of thought

That never have come true

It’s time to see the Way that life still

Brings Miracles to you

So many Blessings come

Each and Every Day

The Power to Believe

Must always find a way

To Hope and to Create

Even against all odds

To Love and to Be

God’s Shining Light that comes From above

It’s not always easy

To make your dreams come true

The power to… Continue

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Love into being

Love into Being

From the Depths of my Being I know

You are my Core

You are my Inspiration

And your are the Heart of My Purpose

May I serve the Holy Grace Of Heaven’s Way

May I find Redemption in Knowing

You are there to Guide me

And to Shine a Light

To help me find this Way

For all of Life is a Dream

Created from the lessons Chosen

To Reveal how to Live with your Love

All the time spent in Listening to the… Continue

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Holy grace

The Holy Grace

I will dwell in the Love

That has carried me through

the depths of Time

to the Reaches of my Distant memory

that held this promise

and I will call on that love as a lifeline

to redeem the Light in my Life

I will reach the Place where this Light

Is called forth for all to see

A radiant Beam of the Resurrection and the Way

Carried by truth to set me Free

I will free the illusions that are a… Continue

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the Souls' Promise

Your souls’ promise

If all the Precepts can not be

Put into your life’s work

And into every interaction

Then they are not useful

Every positive ray of energy

Every Insight

Every interaction

Should be infused

With the soul’s strong support

And God’s loving Light

And seen as part of Life’s learning experience

The practice field for the Game of Life

Hold love that it is the core of your being

In your God’s… Continue

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From the Stillness

From the Stillness comes the Roar

of Existence Begging to be heard

Recognized for Raging needs

trying just to Be

The One who reaches ever deep

To the Very Heart of the Soul

Finds what’s deep inside waiting to unfold

Yet in the Silence there are answers

That can meet this day

In existence are distant depths

With ever craving ways

Somewhere in this Place inside we…

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This Moment of Awakening

Finding the Hearts Flight

To reveal the power of the Journey To BE

Who you Are

Greeting the New Day

To be the Soul’s Manifestation of the Life

Given to Express this Essence

Not Limiting

Not wanting

Just Being

The Pure Revelation of Love

The Brilliant Spark of Light

That Burns in the Darkness of Disbelief

Breathe in the Fire

Breathe the power of the Soul

into the… Continue

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After having Faced all of the many portals of Being

After having experienced Creation

in so many dimensions of consciousness

After all of the Love and Loss that life brings and takes

Still the naked Existence of the Divine Experiment remains

Seeing all

Accepting what the Choices have brought

The lessons that have been fed

To be given a way to truth

A way to Be

And Still there is the Soul

The Sweet Light that Shines…

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What we cme here for

what we came here for..WHAT WE CAME HERE FOR

Through the maze of illusion

Through all of the dreams

Through what is tried an true

Through the darkest night

Through what you know is of the soul

And lets you the hear the call

Comes the core of what you love

And asks you give your all

Past the escape and past the veil

Lies the primal source

A multi… Continue

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Let Peace be with You

Let peace be with you

Let peace be with you in your Mind

Let peace be with you now

The Light that Joins us all as One

Brings us together so we may know How

Humankind has Many ways

To lead us to the Light

Deep inside we all are one

And there’s no need for strife

Let Love be with you in your Heart

Let Love be you closest Guide

The Love that lives in Everyone

Is our…

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Believe in the Good

Believe in the Good within You

And so Believe in the God Within

Believe in the God within others Souls

And So believe in HumanKind

And bring forth the good in all

Trust in the Good

That Lives in the heart

And so see the Power of Love

And when we fall Short of our Divine Good

And the perfect Power of God’s Love

Know that we are all… Continue

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Become the Living Light of God’s love

Become the Flame that Burns from the Soul and

Feeds the Body Mind and Heart

Bringing Hope

Bringing Joy

And Bringing Redemption in its very Being

For you are the Core of Light and Love

And you Have the Spark of Life Eternal Alive in you waiting

To be Brought into Your Life

Breathe the Breath that Believes

See the Flame that…


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