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Legalize Hemp !


Legalize Hemp !

Think Anew..Act Anew ! "See" A New Green Earth !!! It is time that hemp, which can be used for items ranging from paper products to carpets, from textiles to food & oil, from construction material to paints, once again be made "Legal" !!!

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Legalize Freedom

Overlooked in the ongoing debate on marijuana is the fact that
legalization of pot would also legalize industrial hemp production in
California (passed twice by the legislature but vetoed by Gov.

At the founding of our country, all farmers and anyone with land grew
hemp as it had been a staple for producing textiles for centuries. Hemp
fixes nitrogen in the soil eliminating the need to let fields go fallow,
and it reduces the need for expensive fertilizers.

What changed was the development of synthetic fiber and fertilizer from
oil by a new company called Dupont that launched a lobbying campaign to
criminalize the production of hemp by linking it to its drug-producing
cousin — marijuana.

Some would argue that oil-based products are cheaper to make; but if that were true, there would be no need to criminalize hemp.

They may not realize it now, but industrial hemp production would be a
real boon to California farmers. And legalization could open up a whole
new manufacturing opportunity and provide much needed jobs.

Now that the governor has decriminalized pot, he should be petitioned to legalize hemp. If not, why not?

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Hemp Will Save The Earth


The earth, our beautiful planet, contains many life forms that have
in many ways been blessings to human beings and contributed to the
evolution of living things. If one considers the earth as one organism,
all of its animals, plants, minerals and micro-organisms, constitute its
ecological network, and they have contributed to our prosperity and
shared the evolution of the network. Our civilization is, however, now
endangered on a global scale by our shortsighted sectionalism,
environmental degradation caused by our social systems that focus on the
oil industry, and the ill effects that these problems have on our
bodies and minds. It has formed competitive societies based on harmful
oil resources and has brought about unavoidable dispossession, warfare
and confilct. In contrast, a symbiotic society based on infinite hemp
and other biomas resources can produce a world of peace and sharing. As a
first step, hemp, a natural material with many uses in key industries,
has recently been highly evaluated worldwide.

It cannot be said that hemp alone will solve all of our environmental
problems. However, the use of hemp and other natural resources can serve
as a warning against excessive use of fossil fuels and hazardous
chemicals, and contributed greatly to our movement toward a sustainable
society. If each one of us becomes conscious of the need for
environmental preservation and starts with what is possible, we can once
again have the type of harmonious, cyclical society that existed in
ancient times.

Hemp Paper

If hemp is cultivated on 12% of the European landmass, it can meet the
entire world demand for paper, and thus eradicate the need to cut trees
for paper. Hemp pulp, from which hemp paper is made, is as durable as
wood pulp, and it needs only one quarter of the land required for
producing wood pulp. While chlorine is used for bleaching in the
wood-pulp manufacturing process, hemp pulp can be produced using the ASA
pulp method, which hardly produces any pollutants. Moreover, hemp paper
is of such high quality and durability that it hardly deteriorates,
even after 200 years.

Hemp Bio-Plastic

Hemp stems can be used to produce biodegradable plastic that does not
produce harmful substances and is highly antibacterial. It can be freely
molded and used for car bodies, building materials and all existing
plastic products. Only a few of its many features are sufficient to
prove that it has great potential as an ecological plastic that can
solve the problems of environmental impact and waste disposal.

To give and example, the American company Ford started using hemp for
automobile manufacturing in 1929. The results of their research were
published in Popular Mechanics Magazine in 1941 along with the
catch-phrase "Organic car born from the Earth". All of the parts except
the frames were made of hemp, and hemp seed oil was used instead of
light oil. The car had one-third the weight and ten times the impact
tenacity of conventional cars of the same type.

Hemp, a Natural Resource

Hemp is a human-friendly natural resource - it can adjust the
temperature and humidity of houses because walls made of hemp can
breathe. Hemp houses provide a comfortable atmosphere - cool in summer
and warm in winter. It is an all-weather composite building material
that can save energy for air-conditioning. Hemp board bends and curves
easily, and has the same strength as concrete. It is very light and
resistant to fire. As it is a natural resource, it is biodegradable.
Hemp can totally change our views about housing and make us switch to
environment-friendly houses, because it can be grown for a half a year
and lasts for 100 years. Its use can result in the preservation of
forests and the protection of living things, as well as the restroration
of cyclical ecological system that includes human beings.

Hemp Fuel

One of the main causes of global warming is the carbon dioxide produced
by the burning of fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal. Oil from hemp
seeds and the cellulose of the hemp stem can produce methanol, ethanol
and other kinds of fuel that have the same ignition temperature as
diesel oil. Hemp fuel does not produce heavy metals or sulfur, so it
does not cause acid rain or air pollution. As hemp is a plant, it
reduces carbon dioxide to oxygen as it grows. It has three to four times
the reducing power as a deciduous tree. If hemp is cultivated on only
6% of the North American landmass, it can meet all the fuel demand in
the U.S.

A running test project of bio-diesel cars using hemp oil was established
in the U.S. in July 2001. A car started from Washington on July 4, the
anniversary of Independence Day, and was driven one thousand miles over a
period of three months. In Japan, a car started from Takigawa City in
Northern Hokkaido on April 29, 2002 and was driven 12, 500 km over a
period of four months until September 11. The test used 2, 600 liters of
hemp oil.


Hemp seeds and their oil are excellent foods that are good for human
health. The oil can be used for cooking, massage, lubrication,
cosmetics, and as dietary supplement. Hemp oil contains many elements
that retail humidity, so it can be used for making soap, shampoo and
environment-friendly cosmetics. Hemp seeds contain a protein similar to
that of soy beans, which is easily digested and absorbed into the human
body. They also contain eight kinds of essential amino acids that cannot
be produced by the human body, so they are an ideal food that has
perfectly balanced nutrients.

The nutrients in hemp seeds have many beneficial effects on human
health. They balance and control cholesterol, purify blood and help it
to flow smoothly in the body, thus preventing arteriosclerosis and
increasing immunity. Hemp seeds can keep human bodies young and healthy,
they are effective in preventing aging and promoting longevity.

Human bodies have many receptors that take in the medical components of
hemp. When the components enter our bodies, melatonin, a beneficial
hormone, is secreted, stimulating an auto-therapy mechanism. While
melatonin is secreted, a-waves and c-waves occur in the brain, causing
people to relax as if they were in a state of meditation. Hemp has long
been used as a herb because of its medical effects, and it will gain
importance in the future.

Textiles- Hemp and Cotton

Cotton requires the use of pesticide for its cultivation, and a huge
volume of chemicls in its manufacturing process. Hemp, however, never
requires the use of these harmful substances, a fact that makes it
cheaper to produce. Hemp textile is four times more durable than cotton,
and its productivity per unit of land area is three to five times
higher than that of cotton. In France and Germany, insulation materials
made of hemp and hemp board are already in use. Wooden buildings using
oil resources have given rise to the so called "sick-house sydrome" that
causes cancer and abnormal environmental hormones. These building catch
fire easily and do not decompose. Many buildings are constructed of
wood that is several decades old and last only 30 years.

Hemp Technology for Healing

Hemp can be used to produce 25,000 to 50,000 kinds of industrial
products. It is an annual grass that can be grown in 100 to 200 days. It
is useful for preventing deforestation and global warming b ecause it
has a high capacity for reducing carbon dioxide to oxygen. A very
adaptable plant that can be grown in most environments other than
deserts, snowfields and tundra zones, it does not require the use of
pesticides or chemical fertilizers or deplete the soil of nutrients.

Hemp fabric does not generate static electricity. Since it is highly
resistant to insects and has an antimicrobial effect, herbicides and
insecticides are not required for its cultivation. Accordingly, the soil
can be improved and it is possible to prevent ground water from being
contaminated. It has been reported if one root of hemp is planted, the
surrounding 30 meter area becomes electrically neutral.

From the energy perspective, hemp is a healing plant that harmonizes
with the environment. It has been attracting a great deal of attention
because of its potential to neutralize electromagnetic waves,
radioactive rays, ultraviolet rays, etc. Hemp fabric neutralizes
electromagnect waves generated from electrical products and toxic
substances. The material and its technology shall be required in many
fields, such as architectural materials and health care products.

Traditional Arts

Hemp fabric has been used in Japan for imperial rituals, traditional
events, Shinto religious services, shrines etc. since ancient times. In
the same way, it has been used for rituals and traditional ceremonies in
other countries all over the world.

In ancient times, the Japanese grew hemp as part of a lifestyle based on
coexistence with nature. Hemp is an annual plant, and thus fits into
the earths basic one-year environmental cycle. Cultivated every year, it
is part of an ecosystem in which everything is connected, like a
circular, harmonious society with no beginning or end. Hemp can help us
to remember what we have forgotten about the wonder of the natural
world. It is generally known that hemp can be used effectively in
various industries and that it is an environment-and human friendly
material. Whether we will use hemp and take advantage of its features
depends on our attitude and our way of life. Japan is a nation that has
strong connections to hemp in every aspect. Through our study of hemp we
have come to understand why it is a plant that Japanese people have
loved from ancient times - it represents a spirit of harmony.

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Comment by Ron Tocknell on August 27, 2010 at 3:27am
An interesting case in our local paper this week: The headline: "DRUGS SWOOP ON OLD CHAPEL" headed an article about a raid on an old derelict chapel... only to find several pots of John Innes potting compost and the remains of a few cannabis stalks. As a taxpayer, I am naturally concerned about the cost of this operation and was moved to write to the paper (see copy of letter below). I'll let you know if it's published (certainly no guarantee) and update on any (if any) responses from other readers.

"When is a "drugs swoop" not a drugs swoop? When it's a John Innes No.5 swoop.

I'm not criticising the police for not getting to the old Methodist Chapel in Birdwood sooner, as I don't doubt they would have done had the "suspicious behaviour" been reported. However, I would be interested to know the cost of this operation to taxpayers. Whatever the cost, it will surely prove to be the most expensive haul of spent compost ever.

I know it's a tired old argument but one that warrants repeated airing if only because it makes logical sense. Why are we wasting police resources on unsuccessfully attempting to eradicate cannabis when the only "criminal activity" associated with it is directly attributable to the fact that it is illegal?

If tea were to become illegal, there would be a host of "new crimes" associated with it: possessing tea, drinking tea, supplying tea, cultivating tea. The necessary subterfuge required and risks involved would push the price of tea up to the point that tea addicts (of which I confess to be one) may well resort to other crimes, such as theft, mugging etc. to feed their hopeless tea addiction. Tea dealers would have to obtain supplies from the criminal underworld and, consequently, associate with other areas of crime in the process. Within a very short time, tea would be responsible for all manner of criminal activity and would become serious social problem. But tea does not create a medical or social problem; legislation against it would create the problem.

And so it is with cannabis. I am not woken up at 03:00am most weekends by people smoking cannabis in the park opposite my house. The substance responsible for most antisocial behaviour is alcohol, which is not only legal but the last Labour government saw fit to increase access by extending licensing hours to 24 hours. Cannabis users tend to prefer the comfort of their own home and the most notable effect of this drug is increased laughter and an intensified capacity for creative activity. Hardly a social problem! This is a classic case in which the law has created the "crime". It is the legislation against cannabis that creates the social problems associated with it, not the substance itself nor its use.

I would agree that cannabis can have a serious negative effect on some people although the recent claims that it initiates schizophrenia has never been substantiated. But it is certainly not something to be taken lightly. However, wheat intolerance can cause quite serious health problems but it would hardly justify making bread illegal. Lactose intolerance, nut allergies and all manner of negative reactions to otherwise perfectly safe products can be managed by avoiding them. There are far more cases of negative reactions to alcohol and tobacco; both of which are legal. There are far more genuine crimes directly attributable to alcohol than any other substance. The police do not dread Friday and Saturday nights because people might be at home smoking cannabis but because of the violence, criminal damage and threatening behaviour sparked off by alcohol consumption. How many people each year die of cannabis consumption compared to those who die from alcohol consumption?

The law should exist to protect the public from crime. It should not be in the business of creating crime."
Comment by Craig Davies Metteauer on July 20, 2010 at 6:24pm
Us and Them…this has been a meditation since 1973 when Pink Floyd released their song, “Us and Them” from “Dark Side of the Moon”. Yes, we are all One…all a piece of the same puzzle…universe…light/energy source…however you wish to describe it. The Oneness is in Balance, alluding to an element known as Division. In the Big Picture, there is no up or down, right or left, in or out, right or wrong, etc. Our Balanced Universe is made up of Light and Dark in Harmony. Light is most often associated with Good and Dark with Evil. The battle between Good and Evil has existed throughout eternity and, when in balance, there is Peace. To quote John Lennon from an earlier post, “Society is run by insane people for insane objectives”. These are “Them”, the dark ones…those yet to be awakened. I must assume that we, on AOAND, are of the light, the Good…”Us”. We desire Peace and Love on Earth. At this time, there is a Spiritual battle between Us and Them. It is not the power they wield that we fight as their power has no effect on Us without Them behind it. They are not an illusion. There is Us and Them. The intention for “Us”, as put forth in the mission statement of AOAND, is to enlighten “Them” through our music and multi-media talents thus, creating Balance. The Division between “US” and “THEM” will dissolve into Harmony and Peace and Love will prevail.
Comment by Ron Tocknell on July 20, 2010 at 5:33am
There are a number of groups on AOAND that either promote taking a non violent stand against those who allude to power to the detriment of us all or offer sustainable alternatives to the current unacceptable status quo.

The way I see it, if we're all going in the same direction, it would help if we could all join hands. We need unity on this. I would urge all who feel strongly to join and lend support to any of the groups below of which you are not already a member. This will give us all equal access to shared information and ideas. Let's please unite and share.
Comment by Ron Tocknell on July 20, 2010 at 4:57am
No, Joni... complying is what got us into this mess. Obey only the dictates of your heart....

That's an order :o)
Comment by Ron Tocknell on July 20, 2010 at 2:17am
I am about to do a tour of the AOAND groups because there seem to be a number that are pretty much on the same page. It might be a good thing if we could all join each of the other groups and encourage a reciprocal membership so, in effect, we become one. Unity is very important here. One voice becomes so much more powerful when it is added to a choir. I think of the line from the Incredible String Band lyric: "... light that is one though the lamps be many".

I think we have to steer from this concept of "Us" and "Them". Our enemy is not those who wield such dangerous power but the power they wield. Admittedly, they would be the hardest to convince that it is in their interests also that they let go. But, without the consent of the many, the few have no power to rule. A King, without the acknowledgment and consent of his kingdom is just a guy in a silly hat.

Ultimately, it is up to us... not some illusory "Them"... to decide the way forward. Appealing to congress etc. simply reinforces the illusion of power that such office wields. It is time to stop playing to that illusion. We need a movement that denounces every aspect of oppression... not just to pot smokers but to all who find themselves victim to what is simply an exercise in control.

It is not down to "Them" to stop controlling us... it is down to us to stop being controlled. I would urge everyone to join every group related to the empowerment of the people and work towards unity.

We need to take action. By this, I don't mean riots in the streets for we are civilised human beings; I don't mean identifying enemies for we are all the victims of distorted power... including those who wield it; I don't mean fighting for there is no one to fight and I certainly don't mean conflict or aggression because this is what we are turning our backs on. I mean simply using the most powerful words in every language: "YES" and "NO". YES to what we shall accept and NO to what we will not accept.
Comment by Craig Davies Metteauer on July 20, 2010 at 1:46am
The way they twist it..."understand" that some states have legalized pot and some not. The Feds will not because, other than a medicine, it allows an opening in human psyche to think, to question. Question the Federal government? This eventually leads to "Time To Say Enough". For example, after taking your medicine you will most likely see Peace as a preferable way of life and War and greed as barbaric...a light bulb appears and "They" don't like that. But, "They" have a list...lots of lists. I live in Hawaii and cards are available here. My guidance has never allowed me to join that list; a list of, not only pot smokers but, to "Them", a list of suspect enoughers who now see through the veils of dirty government. Hawaii State law has welcomed the list for years with people signing up left and right. But, as of this month, if you are on the list, you will no longer be eligible for any Federal programs and subject to Federal arrest. Watch for this in other states. For example, if you are on any Federal assistance program, such as HUD, guess what...not any more. Another way of trimming the budget at the expense of the people and checking the list twice. And, when we 'say enough' and the shit hits the fan, guess what lists "They" look at for suspect Enoughers. "They have accumulated a list of 'common sense' real thinking people...people they don't want to think. Mass awakening is "Their" fear and is the true reason behind the war on drugs.
Comment by Ron Tocknell on July 14, 2010 at 10:38am
There are some elements of "law" that are well worth knowing. The only actual laws (ie; that we are subject to without the requirement for our consent) that exist are those specifically to protect from harm or loss. If your actions are not causing anyone harm or loss, YOU ARE NOT BREAKING A LAW... but you might well be breaking a 'statute'. The difference between a law and a statute is that a law can be and is imposed on all people. A statute can only be applied with consent. However, how do you know if you are giving consent?

When you break a law, the police must read you your rights but there is no legal requirement for you to confirm that you "understand". If you break a statute, you will be told what statute (which they will call 'law') you have broken and you are required to confirm that you "understand" before action can be taken. It's the word: "Understand" that is critical here. The next time you're picked up for possession, assuming that you're not trafficking, which could be legally construed as 'causing harm', when asked if you understand, reply that you fully comprehend what you have been told. You will be asked again if you understand and this can go on for a long time because they need you to at least say "yes" to that question. The term they are using does not mean "comprehend". It means "Stand Under", an archaic term meaning to submit to the authority of another. By confirming that you "understand", you are consenting to the action that will then be taken against you. Interesting, eh? Now watch the video.
Comment by Aven Ross on July 13, 2010 at 12:37pm
Legalize it. It was made from the Great Creator. Yes, it is medicine, makes one happy :)
Comment by jb on June 4, 2010 at 4:09am
"VIVA La Medicina" !

Comment by Ron Alexander on April 3, 2010 at 6:03pm
Be free of fearmonger newscasters, greedy bankers, wall st. traders, insurance companies, power companies, all overpaid CEO's, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

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