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Hearts Of Fire Project

For people who are interested in empowering homeless people to show the world who they are. We believe that people without homes have much to teach us about what it means to be a human being. Join in!

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Er... coming back to the issue of homelessness... 6 Replies

Started by Ron Tocknell. Last reply by Ron Tocknell Jul 28, 2009.

The End of the Industrial Age and The Homeless 13 Replies

Started by mary rose. Last reply by mary rose Jul 25, 2009.

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Comment by Ron Tocknell on July 20, 2010 at 5:22am
There are a number of groups on AOAND that either promote taking a non violent stand against those who allude to power to the detriment of us all or offer sustainable alternatives to the current unacceptable status quo.

The way I see it, if we're all going in the same direction, it would help if we could all join hands. We need unity on this. I would urge all who feel strongly to join and lend support to any of the groups below of which you are not already a member. This will give us all equal access to shared information and ideas. Let's please unite and share.
Comment by Brotherhood Of Eternal Love on February 27, 2010 at 6:04am
Music is looked upon as something serious and holy, designed to purify the feelings of the people. The enthusiasm of the heart expresses itself involuntarily in a burst of song or the rhythmic movement of the body. From immemorial times the inspiring affects that moves all hearts, and draws them together, has mystified mankind.
The ancient kings made music in order to honor merit, and offered it with splendor to the Supreme Deity inviting their ancestors to be present. In the Temple folks drew near to God with music and pantomimes. The Ancestors were invited to these divine rituals as guests of the ruler of heaven and as representatives of humanity in the higher regions. This uniting of the human past with the Divinity in revering his ancestors with solemn moments of spiritual inspiration established the bond between God and man. Our first Earthdance and Theater.
Comment by mary rose on August 1, 2009 at 4:35pm
To access the site you must click on the FutureDawning logo page. But i have not tested this for awhile and will do so now. Seeing the Power Point presentation is key to grasping the whole big picture.

The reason we are not doing the old Hands Across the Border is that we have now taken the whole idea and moved it into another level. Mexico is really only a "particle" and we need to create the wave.
Comment by mitch gold on August 1, 2009 at 11:14am
Unable to access your site - could not locate "admin" - the page cones up but nothing to navbigate - perhaps it is my computer???


we appreciate what you have accomplishedcom and your observations.

We too have been on a spiritual path - while at the same time receiving "endorsements at the highest levels.- for our TOPS program - a simple mechanism to refinance civil society - - unfortunately endorsements do not make action.- My work has also received accolades at the highest levels. means little - other than it inspires oneself to continue.

We see all the teachers that we admire and respect still struggling to have their messages heard. -scrambling to use the new technologies in the most effective way - we do see the Blessed Unrest as a reality - as an extension of the Cultural Creatives.

I would like to take a different bent with this communication - what is holding back the Hands across the Border initiativve?

it is so timely.

I am here in Puerto Penasco - where in Sept 2007 the 10 Governors from the surrounding states in each of Mexico and the US - came togetehr to enunciate an intention for Peace . they have obviously stalled - but the energy is here to re invigorate - - if we architects for a new Dawn - took your program and focussed it here in PP - then we might actualize it.

Is there a budget that needs to be raised? - I imagine all the info is on your site.

perhaps if you send me a specific URL I might get some info.

I would like to mention that that there is a conference on World Financing taking place in London in two weeks - that I will likely be attending.

the world needs concrete examples to move forward - while I agree we do not need a leader - we do however need a frrame to operate within - some infrastructure for change -- over the years we have always looked at self organizing structures - coming together for an appropriate event or experience - many are out there trying to control - but do not have the skills nor the depth of knowledge required.

there is so much that most do not know they do not know - and that is the rationale for me teaching the 15 sense model of transformation - as it challenges every one to look at what they really knbow about themselves and the world. To me this is an extension of Jean Houstons work - the Possible Human and Jump time coming together in one teaching.

for the moment
Comment by mary rose on August 1, 2009 at 10:02am
Mitch, let me first say that the tag line for Future Dawning is: Living simply so others may simply live, which is a saying of Ghandi. I also use another one of his sayings frequently: "We must be the change we wish to see in our lives."

If you will go to and join at the FutureDawningResources and Admin Center, you can then traverse the site by going to the Menu to the left entitled: "Portals and Pathways" and clicking on any one of the P&Ps listed there. A few of them are private, but most of them are open to anyone to view and join. If you were able to traverse into the sites that are private, you would find people there who are widely recognized as leaders in the field of social transformation, but who are keeping a low profile.

Once you have joined, on the bar across the top you will see one labeled: "About FD." Click on it and a Flash Presentation will open up where you can see the plan for the organization.

The plan is based on a proposal entitled: "Hands Across the Border: Operation Lifesave" which i wrote back in the late 90's. This proposal was presented at the highest level of government in Mexico and very warmly received by two sitting presidents of that country. It was also endorsed by the then Assistant to the Secretary of Agriculture in the United States, and one of the most prominent horticulturists in the world, along with the Chief of the Mixtec Tribe in Mexico which represents several million people there. The proposal was designed to reduce migration from south to north by restoring the badly damaged ecology of Mexico so that it was productive enough to support permaculture efforts in that country and make it a model for sustainability for the world.

At the time i wrote that proposal which was based in sustainability i was not as well versed in human consciousness as i am now. But the book "The Sacred Quest for the Who of I Am" that i am researching for has certainly allowed me to incorporate information not known to some of the scientists i am working with into this work and i am now very much respected in some circles of well recognized names in the fields of both sustainable living and human consciousness. Yet, because i have not as yet been published, i am not recognized by the general public. Also, i do not have degrees, but have been involved with people who acted as mentors for me for many years and whose names are well known and will be revealed when my book is published.

The point of this being that due to my experience of having written the Hands Across the Border: Operation Lifesave proposal, which could have made a country a model for sustainable living for the world, and having had it accepted at such a high level, puts me among some of the most knowledgeable in the world about what needs to be done at this time as we move into our quest for "freedom and world peace".

And as i work with many people at this level to accomplish what needs to be done, things are indeed changing because of what we do, but as Paul Hawken writes in his book: "Blessed Unrest" about this movement that is taking place now, (and i am going to paraphrase here in part) there are no leaders in this movement, there will be no defining moments, no one can be a representative of it, no group can stand at the forefront of it, no words can encompass it, because "the movement is the breathing sentient testament of the living world." And while i am a part of the whole of it in one respect, in another more intuitive respect, i am also the whole of it for neither am I separate from it. And in this position, the whole of it is known to me and thus understood. But i understand that we are all emerging into this new reality at different times and in different spaces, so some may at this instant in time only see parts of the whole, but we will all eventually become the whole and thus see it and understand it as i do. This is simply part of "the way things are" -- part of the "Implicate Order of things" as revealed by physicist David Bohm (now deceased). So much is taking place at the quantum level -- but if one does not understand quantum physics then one is unable to understand what it is we are "re-membering" as a collective conscious/unconscious mind.

Each of us is playing a role in this event some call "awakening" and this "role" is one we chose when we were in that place beyond time and space.

To some this will make sense, to others it will not for they have not as yet awakened, but we must be assured that all will awaken in good time. .
Comment by mitch gold on July 31, 2009 at 6:56pm
Mary: I went to future Dawning .org and could not access any info.

it seems we are both involved in the "larger" issues - holistic thinking and not accepting of the challenges being offered by others. I met a fellow last week who is traveling for two years with his wife - they sold off everything and are each wearing a 35 liter back back - carrying technology like computers cameras, etc - they are looking at how we might downsize our lives. Scaling down is one of the phrases they use . So there will be two new movements in your design - at the same time - those scaling down (and how we do that - and scaling up - and how we do that. Which is easier - depends upon where you are and how you think.

I have scaled down - from two cars, four boats, two homes, 30 employees, to just hanging out with my computer and living off a small pension.

I may have gone too far - and may need to scale up - but that is another story.
Comment by mary rose on July 31, 2009 at 4:25pm
Mitch, this information is very interesting. Actually, Future which is my organization has been working on a plan for the homeless among other things for over 15 years now as a result of my being homeless. But it is not directed toward solving just the homeless issue, it is designed to facilitate the transformation of our whole social system as we begin to create a "future by design" rather than haphazardly planning a future based on political and monetary issues. And just putting people into homes may not be the best answer because what we need are "sustainable living communities" not more of the same-o same-o type of thinking and doing that got us into this mess in the first place. Providing hands-on learning experience that enable homeless people in creating their own "earth-friendly" homes is a much better idea. And providing them with enough space in which to grow their own food organically. Food sovereignty is the cornerstone of freedom and right now almost no one has the ability to do this.

And as far as the medical system plan goes for health care, what we know today is that if we changed from "living to eat" to "eating to live" we could eliminate medical insurance totally and free ourselves from dis-ease.

I am for creating new "life-enhancing" systems and leaving behind the death-defining ones we attempt to live in today. I am for Total Wellness.
Comment by mitch gold on July 31, 2009 at 1:18pm
following my suggestion of yesterday Dallas has already mived forward in this direction,

A Novel Approach: Ending Homelessness with Homes
7/16/2009 3:12:47 PM
by Jeff Severns Guntzel
Tags: Politics, social justice, homeless, studies, Next American City

Homeless with Bike

The Dallas City Council thinks it has a strategy for ending homelessness in the city, and it's fabulously uncomplicated: housing for the homeless. Not shelters, but actual apartments. Next American City reports:

According to the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, it costs more to maintain someone in homelessness than to offer permanent shelter. The group's study of 65 cities found that support services like hospitals, courts and police intervention cost between $35,000 and $150,000 per person per year. Providing housing runs between $13,000 and $25,000.

So Dallas has approved "a multimillion-dollar plan to provide 700 housing units over five years as permanent shelters throughout the city for the homelessness." The price tag for the plan could be as high as $18 million.

A recent study focusing soley on medical care for the homeless found hospitals that reach out to help homeless people before they pass through emergency room doors can save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

There's a pattern here. All roads lead to giving a damn.

Source: Next American City (Article not available online)
Comment by mitch gold on July 30, 2009 at 1:48pm
so the Mayor of New York is willing to buy a one way ticket for anyone to go anywhere.

Why do we not look at this as an opportunity to receive those people in a town that "needs People" and needs work done.

I think we could negotiate with the Mayor and have some of the other costs picked up as well. I would guess their social services costs per person are in the $40K per person range. there is room here for more budget to be shared here. ( I think!)

If a team can be developed in this discussion group we might actually take a concrete step towards eliminating the word "homeless".from our vocabulary.

I am in Puerto Penasco , Sonora, Mexico, and would look to developing a community project here as part of the World Peace Posse initiative.
Comment by mary rose on July 30, 2009 at 11:39am
Elisabetta, welcome to the Hearts of Fire Project and thank you for your beautiful contribution.

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