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AkashicWreckage's Blog – March 2009 Archive (14)

~~~A Dream~~~

I can't recall exactly when I had this experience, time continues to behave weirdly---usually I can pull times and dates out of my memory, but more and more, that ability is eluding me.

Time seems to be changing, and perceptions of time, altering.

I knew immediately when I "woke" up that I hadn't really been asleep--I was immediately alert, and felt as if I had just shifted my vision, and was finding myself back in my bedroom. Even though I was laying in bed, it felt as if I had… Continue

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~~My Face~~

Gather round my friends, I have a tale to tell.

Make yourselves comfortable, this may take a while.

Let me tell you a little about My Face...

It's an okay face, the one that I have.

Yes, there have been many times that I wished my nose was smaller, maybe even turned up a bit.

I like my eyes, they change color frequently, which is good, or so I've been told.

The eyebrows, I'm not too thrilled with.

I suppose I could wax the inch wide Uni-Brow--but… Continue

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~~~My Favorite Miracle~~~

This my friends, is a true story....

At many points in my life, I've become aware of the miracles that make their presence known, sometimes in wild ways.

It's become no surprise to me that the miracles meet me where I am, they don't wait for a better time or place.

They do not hang around just waiting for the right opportunity to pop in and out.

One day, several years ago, I had a day that was going to mean being in the car for many hours, including… Continue

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Left to Our Own Devices...

Arch-Angels now want time off

Guides are gathering and forming a labor union--potential strike imminent

Other Chakras want to go retrograde

What the heck?

The ethers, grids, meridians, vortexes, etc----are jumping with this late breaking news---

I've been craving onion rings lately...and I think that was my higher self's way of telling me that something is not quite right....

I've been instructed to share this:

The… Continue

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3rd Eye Retrograde~~~The Non-Sense Continues~~~

3 Eye Retrograde Part 3

High Energy Alert

In Parts 1 and 2, we've learned how we can employ certain time honored exercises for clearing and releasing issues. These old energies must be released because they are holding our 3rd Eyes in the middle of our foreheads. Many people are really tired of the 3rd Eye being positioned there because it's hard to have bangs or long hair there; it's also hard for people with expressive eye brows and foreheads.

For years I… Continue

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Dear Caren~~~~~

Dear Caren,

I knew today was coming and I knew it would bring back many memories of you, my dear friend. Your amazing spirit entered the world on this day, 56 years ago. And, your physical self left this world 6 months ago. I miss you. I wish we'd been more in touch over the last few years of your life, I thought there was time for that...

So, today I wish to honor you and allow your love and energy to soothe me. I could ramble on about sadness and how it's too bad life… Continue

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3rd Eye Retrograde - Change is never easy...

3rd Eye Retrograde Part 2

Another Important Energy Alert

Picking up where we left off in Part 1, this 3rd Eye Retrograde period promises to be filled with surprises.

Venus, our Cosmic Sister, will team up with her close personal friends, The 7 Sisters, in a riveting play off game with the other planets. This Cosmic Tug of War will have a far reaching impact on anyone experiencing a Saturn return. It's bad enough dealing with Saturn, the Relentless… Continue

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My Mother...Myself? Yikes!

I recall wanting anything but the nurturing of my mother. I don't really understand why, yet. For a good part of my life, I consciously chose to be her opposite. I wanted to be anything BUT like her, her thoughts and opinions actually didn't much matter to me. There was no way she could possibly understand, even remotely, what was important to me, what I liked to do, how I felt about myself. And that was just fine, thank you very much! I viewed her as pretty much distant from me, like from… Continue

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3rd Eye Retrograde Report

Important Energy Alert

3rd Eye goes Retrograde

Yes, it's that time again, Earth Students.

This time, we have a stunning stellium of planets, asteroids, moons, and space debris forming a quincunx-trireptilian elliptical-switch-off which is conjunct Chiron.

This amazing lineup in the heavens will begin at precisely 17:32 UT (Universal Time) on March 21st, and seating will be limited, so please arrive early.

The 3rd Eye, or The Cosmic… Continue

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The Blind Man

A few weeks ago, I began to get quite antsy. I desired to feel the warmth of the sun on my body, to sink my feet into the sand, to hear the sounds of the ocean and to smell the freshness of the salt air. I watched the weather forecast with anticipation. Hooray! Beach weather would be mine to enjoy that Friday, and I couldn't wait! I spoke with my "beach buddy" about my plans, and that we should leave early because I wanted to enjoy every second of my time at the beach. Friday arrived, beautiful… Continue

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Grid & Matrix Maintenance Schedule

Grid & Matrix Construction Work

Energy Alert

Beloved Earth Students,

This channeling is being brought to you by "The Friends of Arch-Angel Uriel," please nod your head when you are reading this so that Arch-Angel Uriel knows that you are listening.

Okay, in conjunction with the scheduled maintenance on the Earth Grids, the Cosmic Bireptilian Janitorial crew will be performing a spring clean up that will impact traffic in the following… Continue

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I get it Dad!

Today, I am brought two decades back in time, to a day of pain, sprinkled with love and humor. It was the day I said goodbye to the first man in my life, my dad.

At the time, while I was prepared for the fact that he was leaving this world, a part of me went into hiding---the pain of him leaving took over. His greatest teaching/parenting began that day.

I would have told anyone around that time that I really had no clue what I should be when I grew up---never mind… Continue

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Oh, Oz Never Did Give Nothing to the Tin Man...

Where are the so called New Agers/New Thinkers/Slightly Higher Vibrational Humans/Facilitators/Authors etc, in our Political Systems or the arenas that impact and assist humanity?

Are they NOT there because they perceive the political and social systems to be rigged, or evidence of a Non Ordinary Reality that is not to be engaged?

We know these New Agers/Somewhat Ascended people are out there---they're speaking, writing books that we buy, but the reality is ---it… Continue

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Latest Channeling from The Grids, The Matrix, and last but not least, from the Ascended Group of Busy bodies that are constantly watching over us...

Coping with the Quantum Shi(f)t

Beloved Souls, Earth Students, Light-Workers, Matrix Mavens, and Grid Guards:

As you step into the weeks and months ahead, you are absorbing Packets of Energy Codes that were received, processed, re-packaged, and whatever else we could think of to do to them, for YOU.

These Packets of Energy Codes were shipped to us right before the Powerful Solar Eclipse.

This Gift came from ALL of the Ascended Masters, including… Continue

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