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AkashicWreckage's Blog – August 2009 Archive (7)

~Somewhere Over the Rainbow~

From the time I first watched The Wizard of Oz and heard Judy Garland singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow," I felt as if the song was speaking my heart. To this day, I know that what I felt as I first watched this movie when I was but a 7 year old girl---is a truth of my spirit and soul.

Over the years since I was a child, watching the yearly presentations of The Wizard of Oz---the truth of what I felt then, has remained a… Continue

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The Jesus Bulletin~~~

Emergency Channeling from Ascended Master ~Jesus.

This just in folks.

Buckle your seat belts.

Ever since I began to hear music, I've wondered where it was all leading.

Well, today, I found out in a big way!

Ascended Master Jesus, paid me a rare visit.

I wasn't sure it was him, until he brought in St. Jude

Once Jude arrived, I knew something was cooking in the Upper---

Top Level---


The… Continue

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I'm not sure why I'm typing this.

Especially since I'm almost all type out.

(Yes I see the typo there, I'm too lazy to go back and correct it.)

That's all.

I was trying to settle down the other morning---

Actually, it wasn't the other morning, it was yesterday morning.

Time is behaving weirdly, as I've mentioned before.

But anyway, I couldn't focus on finishing up some of my stories.

I figured I'd pop into Crone to the Bone and read, maybe limit… Continue

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~~~Let's Dance~~~

It began on Friday, late at night.

At first, I barely noticed it---

It was in the background of my awareness.

It continued on Saturday~~~~building in rich tones, throughout the day---

It became increasingly difficult to ignore.

At times, it's like an orchestra playing---and yet only certain instruments, certain tones being heard.

Calming, soothing----and, at times, expanding in intensity.

Compelling and subdued as it begins to soften and ebb… Continue

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~The Door To...~

Where Was I?

Did I want to continue, was the question---

It hung there waiting to be answered---

Feeling the lounge chair beneath me, and still feeling the sun on my body--

In this reality---

And yet, something else happening---

In what could only be called---

Another Reality---

I'm not exactly the adventurous type---

I said "Yes---yes, I wish to continue."

With that, immediately in front of me, appeared an expanse of… Continue

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~~Sorry Jeanne~~

Today is one of my days off from work---

And my plan was to try to sleep a bit late.

That plan was rudely interrupted by the sounds of pressure cleaning---

Combined with lawn mowers---

With a dash of the drone of leaf blowers---

And the loud conversations that were taking place in a foreign language right outside my terrace---

Thrown in for good measure...

At 8am.

I knew it might not be in the stars---for me to get just a wee bit more… Continue

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~~~~The Door~~~~


Do we control time or does time control us?

Or neither?

A long time ago, maybe about 30 years or so ago, I recall being on a beach out on Long Island.

It was one of those absolutely perfect summer days---

The sky was amazing--- a crisp deep blue---gentle wisps of clouds high up in the sky.

I can still remember how the air felt on my skin, and how "charged" it felt...

The sound of the waves, began to bring about almost a trance-like state, and yet,… Continue

Added by AkashicWreckage on August 5, 2009 at 8:40am — 4 Comments


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