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Cindy paulos's Blog – October 2012 Archive (21)

No Man is an Island

No man is an island, for we are all joined in time and space

For if you look at the word alone reads if  you separate it as all one.

Here in spirit we are joined together

All are spinning round the sun

And as the sun does not limit the light that shines each day

We should not limit the light how our soul can shine to others on the way.


For no soul is separate in spirit

And each spirit is connected as one

God and infinite energy…


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As Above so Below

An interesting shift hit me after a very long night waiting for a tsunami, which never really quite happened..

It was about a shift that's happening, not to try get out of this place, but to get into it..

As above so below

There is shift in consciousness, that is being revealed to the soul

The time has come to connect…

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It is time

It is time to start a new journey

It is time to live again

It is time to open up your heart

and let the love shine in


Here is the moment you’ve been waiting for

to have the strength to take control of your life

And all it might entail to do what you need to do

To find a way to reflect the light

It is time


For there is a path that has been waiting

for you to travel on

follow this path to find what…


Added by cindy paulos on October 26, 2012 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

The next part of the Journey

So I noticed this morning my blog site just went over 10,000 views to page. I still don't know how that all works...

Not sure of all of those who are looking in.. but Just a big thank you to anyone who has over the last few years! I appreciate and Love YoU.

When the new morning comes

And we find It’s time to move on

When we look back on our lives here

To see what we have done.

And what might have been if we could have just had the strength

To do all that…


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Teacher, teach us

Teacher, teach me


Teacher teach me how to follow your way

On the path that I take here on earth each day.

With the touch of your love that God gave you to bring

To the ones who are here trying to understand everything

Living in the darkness of illusion we can’t see

The way to deal with the pain of humanity.


Teacher teach me how you came to show

The purpose of our time here and how we can grow

In the Patience it…


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The Chance

Open the wrappings of the Package

That holds the key to your Heart

For there is a wish that is waiting there

A reason for you to make a new start


Throw off the fear and take a chance

To see what’s waiting inside

For hidden beyond the  hearts protection and fear

the reasons for life are waiting so near


the love you have to give holds the greatest mystery

for in the way we share our self

with the promises…


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And when in the quiet of the new morn

When you can be silent and in all honesty listen to me

I will speak to your heart

 in the sweet tones of love that you so need know


I will speak to your soul and reach out my hand

For you to come to me

For you have finally come to place where you can feel

The compassion that God has Offered for us all to be released

From the pain and limitation of this human…


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A breath of truth

There is a breath of Truth that is born from the light of the soul,

If you were to Breathe it, right now, how far do you think it would go?


How deep could you drink from the Chalice God Gives us

to feed your body, mind and soul.

And if the body’s tired and aching and the senses are in overload,

How much of this truth that is waiting for you

will you really be able to know?


How far does the spirit have to reach to find your…


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behind the disguise

Where are you hiding You, In such a clever disguise

With all those hidden elements you’ve found

While killing this time in the space that you’re required.


And what have you allowed to be uncovered deep inside your soul

When you needed to be fed the truth you once found

And that has led you to what you know


This sacred spirit here in form

Is sometimes hard to see

And you can be quite uncomfortable

 when you…


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The Phoenix

These fragments of Life

These pieces of pain

All of the Glory hidden

In the promise of your name


The fear of the darkness

And what’s buried inside

The cup that life offers

To open my eyes


God give me the strength

so I may find the way

To go the depths

 of what love brings me to claim


For in the ashes and embers of the fire that burns

Is a spirit that rises in some whisper of…


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No Victims, in God's Love

An opportunity came to me in the experience of visit to my skin Dr., who told me I have a couple of Spots on my face that are Basel cell carcinoma. It's a form of skin cancer. So the first thing that hits you of course is CANCER,

but it is not the BAD skin cancer. My dr. said that on the scale of 1-10 it's 2 or 3. It is one of side of effect of living here in the bright light of Maui.

I do have to say it hurt when he stuck the needle in my nose, to get a sample to biopsy. It is also…


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Would you ask for Grace,

To see the gift of spirit’s face.

Would you pray to understand

 how we live here in the depths of form

and still believe we can make demands.


 we still reach for the mysteries of the universe

while here on earth we just survive

for spirit’s face is faceless

and the gift of Grace you cannot buy.


Pure being of the universe

Pure light that is from the Source

How can you merge…


Added by cindy paulos on October 17, 2012 at 9:41am — No Comments

Malala Yousufzai

Malala Yousufzai


She holds up a light to the darkness

 she is a such a shining soul

as we look into her eyes of Hope

The world saw her courage so bold


 Where there is hatred of freedom

And where there is those who would control

Where there is ignorance and violence

There is also the spirit of truth to know


We hear of an Arab Spring

And only know a small part of the plight

We never can…


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Questions, answers

Is it just the question, that the answers will reveal,

always right there ready, to give you some reality.

Or is the answer waiting like a koan on the floor

Hidden levels clearing off what the mind is open for.


Do the illusions, fade away

in the light of a brand new day

And if you look there deep enough

 is there the truth staring in your face

that leads you to open up one more door


and when you get to where you…


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The Big Love

The Big Love


No more of your pretending

or reason for delay

There is a big Love calling

It’s the love that you’ve been waiting for each day


It’s a love that holds the universe

It’s the love that lives in the light

It’s a power so intense that

 it can change your entire life.


No more waiting, no more stalling

What you’ve been praying for is here at last,

It’s what you always were asking…


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For the Spirit here in form

As the soft pink veil of morning

Slips across the waiting day

A breath of life comes calling

With a prayer for the human race


A morning robe is offered

To hide the secrets you hold

For the world would not be ready

To see the truth you might unfold.


What lies behind this gossamer veil

That hides the heart of who you are

How can you really cover up the truth

that the world demands of all its…


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There's a Guardian Angel

There is a Guardian Angel looking out for you

Even though you may not know,

There’s a presence there for you

To guide you as you go.


And deep within the heart of you

If you can just believe

There is a Guardian Angel

To help you if you fall and are in need.


And even though you think

Your on the road alone

There is the power of these Miracles

Which sometimes you’ve been shown


Trust in…


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I wish you happiness

I wish you Happiness


And So I wish you Happiness

As on the road you go,

I wish you the simple joys of life

That somehow we find and know.


And may you find some way to be at peace

 with what have to do

for this was left as a wish that was left

 from one who truly loved you


and so I wish you happiness

even if it may lead you astray

from the Path you’ve chosen to take

to save the world…


Added by cindy paulos on October 8, 2012 at 10:00am — 2 Comments

There's more to redemption

Not for us to hold and Possess,

 this precious flower of life,

this gift of God in Being

this burst of Brilliant Explosion of Light

 that dwells here in Time and Space

 and then softly moves on


and if you wish to be redeemed

 which part of you left  in so many myriad fragments

scattered on the path would you be willing

to let go of  and to leave behind ?

to be planted as a tree of mystery

a memory of…


Added by cindy paulos on October 7, 2012 at 9:59am — 1 Comment

How to feed a hungry ghost

How to digest the Power of Spirit

When there is such a hungry Ghost

Knocking on the Breath of Being

Asking for an answer to lead you out of this place


Knocking with such force on the door

Of the soul as it sits watching

the pictures that spin into the totality of more

than just a moment in space


Who holds up the mirror to your life

For the world to see the emptiness

Of a picture reflected by just a part…


Added by cindy paulos on October 5, 2012 at 10:12am — No Comments


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